What does “vivacious” really mean?

Does the title above express the first question that popped inside your mind when you opened the link to my blog?
Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. No matter the case I am here to welcome you to my blog and to explain to you the reason why I named it this way.

So, welcome to Vivacious Life Blog!

FotorCreated LIFE BLOG

First of all, I am Anastasia (the vivacious girl who is living the vivacious life) and I must admit I have tried multiple times to create my ‘ideal’ blog, I have been hosted on multiple platforms, but I believe I’ve found my ‘home’. For months I’ve been working on this idea/project, I’ve done my research, gathered all my findings and then put them all together to create this particular space, my blog.

After studying Fashion Management at Pansik Scuola di Moda, among other equally important things I learned about fashion and the industry in general, I had the pleasure to be taught all about blogging, from its history to how to work it and make it into a full business.

Expressing myself through writing has always been something I am very familiar with, I used to have my own diary and as I’ve mentioned before I had previously attempted to create a blog for myself as the years went by, but it wasn’t until graduating from Fashion School that I really managed to grasp the true meaning of blogging and eventually create this space.

The name, which this post means to explain, didn’t come to me one day out of the blue. On the contrary, I had to search for it very hard and play with different words and phrases. My goal was to find a name for this blog that had something to do with me, that had a true meaning behind it, and for that I had to basically create a list with all the things that define me and the life I’m living in order to put together the perfect name.

Vivacious, basically, is an adjective that means lively.

It took me a while to find the adjective someone can describe me in one word and maybe this is not even it, some people might choose to describe me with other words, but for me… this is it. Vivacious is one way to describe me and the meaning of it I feel that really fits my personality. Something that you will have the chance to learn through my weekly posts.

This blog is a way for me to share publicly parts of myself, my thoughts, my opinions, give fashion advices and tips I learned from fashion school, along with my own fashion looks/outfits and to give you reviews and homemade beauty recipes that I really believe you are going to like!

You are in for a long ride, I really do hope you enjoy your time on my blog!

Thanks for reading!
Anastasia, Founder of the Vivacious Life Blog


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