LOOKS – Windy summer days

If there is one thing I love about summer in Greece is the lovely weather.
Warm, bright sun shining over our heads, while the water is warm and the beach is filled with people having the time of their lives – it’s pointless to disagree, Greece is one of top destination for your summer vacations, except that I actually live here.ย However, these days along with the bright sun on the clear blue sky we have a lot of wind, thus the photos taken are basically of me trying to pose, while the wind has other plans for me.



My style is very casual and basic, but with chic touches. I am an honest admirer of minimalistic, comfortable, casual style – I believe in simplicity in fashion and on the fact that you don’t have to wear too much to look too chic.
For example, on a bright windy summer day I chose to wear one of the brand new clothing pieces I recently purchased, a pair of white shorts with grey stripes.

Trend alert! For those of you who want to be informed about trends, one thing you should know about this season is that stripes are very trendy and you will definitely see them in shorts, dresses, pants, t-shirts and etc.ย I particularly love this trend on pants, because downward stripes are able to add a few inches to every body type, and at the same time make the legs appear slimmer and more sculptured. It’s amazing how well fashion and geometry work together to give us such a good and beneficial result.

When you have a pair of shorts with pattern you have two choices.
Either mix n’ match, and maybe put on a patterned t-shirt or if you are like me, you can put on a black crop top and your favorite sandals.


Mix n’ matching is not easy and you should do it carefully, mostly because not all patterns look good together and maybe not all patterns are appropriate for your body type. Which is the reason why it’s highly important to know exactly what type your body is (there are informative articles on the internet with fruit shapes for identification).

As you can see I am pretty basic with my look here, mostly because this little ‘photo shoot’ was kind of random and the main purpose was for my friends and I to have a lovely day at the beach and take a walk on it. However, I did want to upload the first ever post on the ‘looks’ category, so since this became a very dear outfit to me … here it is!

IMG_20170703_193645 (1).jpgIMG_20170703_192844.jpg

In fashion, people think and say, that’s important to be courageous and to experiment with your style. I agree. You should experiment with your style, just as much as you experiment with your personality and with finding out who you want to be. Fashion should be a way to express yourself, a way to let people get to know you without having to talk to much and explain every aspect of yourself.

It’s actually what I am trying to do with the way I dress, with my style. Through my simplicity and the random bursts of colors in my outfits or with my – at times – extravagant accessories I attempt to show the world that I may seem simple and like nothing important, but the sudden bursts of my rather joyous personality will shock and surprise you.

This post is written
by anastasia liouli



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