Are you aware that we are currently going through Paris Haute Couture Week?

I just realized it and I couldn’t be happier, since #PFW is one of the most important weeks for every fashion freak out there. We’re talking about the ultimate fashion celebration, a week dedicated to high end fashion, a week when Haute Couture designers showcase their best creations on innovative runways and on places all around the world.

One of my personal favorite designers is Elsa Schiaparelli, the ‘creator’ or the woman who established shocking pink as the ultimate fashion and woman color.

I could go on and like a typical fashion blog/website lay all the photos of Schiaparelli’s designs here, but this is not that type of blog. On the contrary, what I will share with you is the designs, the creations, that blew my mind away the minute I saw them – because after all, the main purpose of this blog is for me to share pieces, posts, fashion shows I personally like through my eyes, meaning through my point of view.

Surely, none of us can ignore Elsa’s talent and creativity, the woman is a fashion genius and has multiple very attractive outfits. However, particularly seven outfits/looks made me want to purchase them no matter the cost (and I’m pretty sure the cost of them might make me sell my fortune to buy at least two of them – just joking).

Mainly I loved the colors she used for this Haute Couture collection. White crème, grey, charcoal and small touches of gold and red – colors so typical, but so well put together that elevated each and every following outfit.

I particularly loved the white jacket, the clean color of it, the fabric that it appears to be so soft on your fingertips and of course the fact that’s not paired with a pair of pants, but with an equally white dress makes this design even better.


Although, I rarely wear them, I love dresses. Dresses are the epitome of female clothing, long or short in whatever colors, with or without cut outs dresses can definitely enhance a woman’s body type.

This c-through white crème dress just became my favorite out of Schiaparelli’s collection. It might be a little revealing, but this is Haute Couture and there are not any limitations.


At the same time, those two following grey and charchoal colored dresses equally beautiful. I like the ‘soft’ pattern on the first one and the small  c-through detail on the second one. Apparently, Schiaparelli is all about c-through and personally, I don’t blame her.



Show me one person who doesn’t like jumpsuits. That’s right, there isn’t any and that’s because jumpsuits can be such a comfortable clothing piece. The fact they combine pants and t-shirt and all you have to  do is add the shoes and the accessories, make them the easiest clothing piece in any woman’s closet to wear.


Finally, this total white outfit with those gold details on the wide pants and the sleeves of the shirt is that kind of outfit I would definitely wear. Can you blame me? It’s the great design, the low neckline and the gold details on it that give it so effortlessly a totally chic, but somewhat casual look.



What a great Haute Couture Autumn 2017 collection by Schiaparelli.

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