LOOKS – A day spent in nature

When you hear the word summer you instantly think of Greece. Am I right? (of course I am) I know you do, because summer in Greece is a dream many people have. The wonderful hot weather with the slight breeze, the exotic beaches, the clear blue sky and endless sea, help you realize what summer is really all about – plus good people by your side and good music to accompany you to your many summer adventures. Summer in Greece can really make a difference.

However, my family enjoys both sea and mountain vacations in the summer.
We own a small house up in the mountain and from time to time we like to spend days up there, where no one can reach us (almost) and we can finally catch our breaths and get away a bit from the craziness of daily life. Something, I believe, we all need from time to time.


A few days ago we needed that kind of day.
On a Sunday morning we went over to our house on the mountain, but before I got to go I had to pick a comfortable outfit. It is common sense when you want and need to relax you want to put on something casual and comfortable at the same time. For me, jeans are not exactly that comfortable, that’s why I never wear them when I want to relax (obviously) or when I visit the ‘mountain house’ as I like to call it.

That is why I chose to wear my brand new GSA tight sporty leggings along with my grey t-shirt from Tally Weijl and my grey ADIDAS sneakers.
Yep, I was definitely not full of color – sarcasm very much intented here.


Grey is one of my absolutely favorite colors after black and purple. It’s not that I don’t like other colors, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that I find myself always attracted to more basic colors. Maybe because it’s so easy to match them in an outfit or because black, grey and white are basically from the same color palette – whatever the case grey remains a very beautiful color and can really make a difference on any outfit, so don’t underestimate it.

STYLING TIP! On a total white/black/grey/pink outfit avoid matching clothes of the same color shades. Try matching pieces of the same colors, but on different lighter/darker shades for greater effect and more style.

You’ve heard about trends like ‘total black’ and ‘total white’ , well ladies and gentlemen this is ‘total grey’.




This post was written
by anastasia liouli



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