Elegance, femininity, poise and class are key elements for a Dior clothing piece.

Maria Grazia Chiuri kept the main Dior ingredient, which is a professional elegance that runs through the entire Dior fashion house as a guiding line. Well, she had to since she is the designer of a fashion house with great history and power inside the fashion industry and I believe she knows it pretty well.

The colors, the designs, the styling touch with the belts on the waist, the very well put together details made this Haute Couture collection for Autumn 2017 very special.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone was particularly impressed with Maria Grazia Chiuri’s designs. I know I was.

Pairing the jackets with long dresses has slowly become a very common trend, it’s the perfect combination of the business/professional side of a woman with her femininity that’s never lost, but rather well combined with her boss-like side.  After all, these days women are trying to keep at bay their careers and being a girl boss at work, while also trying to maintain their girly side and let me tell you, it’s not easy.

Monochrome outfits – total grey, total black, total beige or total red- you can choose from a variety of them and pay attention, they are not all the same. It’s the same design in different forms, from dresses to jumpsuits, to jacket and skirts/dresses – it’s not exactly art, but all of the outfits are equally attractive to the eye.

We are used to seeing extravagant designs on Haute Couture, the last collections though have showed us something completely different, not that we are complaining.

This season’s Dior’s designs are something more than just clothes. Personally, I believe that each outfit – from the ones I chose as my absolute favorites- can perfectly fit to my style and to my choice of colors. Like this bright red one with the thin black belt on the waist, I fell in love with it the minute I laid eyes on it!

At the same time these following Dior dresses had me ogling them for pretty long. They are loose, floating around the curves of the model’s body, going with the air, somehow giving a different air to the model, a more powerful one on the catwalk? Or maybe a more romantic one? Whatever the case, these dresses blew me away!

And if you don’t know, then I should tell you about my little weakness to details. I love it when a dress has small very well put together details like this one dress below.

A flower-y pattern with small parts revealing parts of the model’s body, not revealing, not what some would consider too much, not something you wouldn’t see on a grand ball. It’s that type of dress you expect the leading lady on a movie to be wearing at the very end of the movie when she suddenly appears in front of the leading man and he realizes she is everything he hoped for. All that by wearing this dress.

Yes, it’s true Dior did very well this season on Paris Fashion Couture Week!
Congrats Maria Crazia Chiuri!

       Check out below my favorite creations from the couture collection!


This post was written

by anastasia liouli


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