For a fashionista girl fashion weeks are highly important. Imagine being among all the important fashion guru’s while they are watching some of the most show stopping catwalks of the year and try to make a decision if they like what they are seeing or if they are preparing to bring down a fashion empire just because a fashion house did something too classic or too edgy.
Previously, I attempted to upload articles where I showcased some of my absolutely favourite catwalks along with the designs that blew my mind, but between work and being editor in chief at maxmag.gr things were a bit hard to manage.
However, I am here once again, but this time I am taking you to New York where fashion week has officially begun and things look incredible.

Let’s start with Fenty.

I have a particular love for that brand, especially since they decided to team up with worldwide known superstar Rihanna and create fashion and beauty lines that reflect beauty and style.
In New York Fenty and Puma – two brands Rihanna’s style is very close to and has worked with both – worked together and the result was a kind of loose yet edgy line fit for motorcyclists ( women and men alike ) .
Light blue towards purple colours, baggy lines, neon and leather details and some outfits that basically screamed RIHANNA. Yes, this Fenty x Puma line had it all.

#1 – Oh,that coat.
Love at first sight? Probably!

I would totally wear this with tight fitted black leggings and a pair of very high heels. It has that sporty vibe most people expect from a Fenty x Puma coat, but it also looks very chic and flattering if matched correctly.

#2 – I want that jumpsuit
I mean, just look at it.

From the colour to the design, to the models style this jumpsuit just became my fashion weeks love interest! With the belt on the waist defining the models curves, the dark but somehow lighter than simple purple shade and the design with the belts like chains on the feet ( I am not even talking about the neon SHOES) this is a jumpsuit I could easily wear through the entire New York fashion week.

#3 – Never cold while wearing this!
Cold days are coming, at least that’s what they are saying, but even if they are not I wouldn’t mind wearing this baggy coat with nothing else but high heels and I can tell you truthfully, that I wouldn’t mind walking up and down the city streets.
Is this one of my favourite dress coat? I think it is

#4 -For the Times you want to impress by looking undressed
A sexy, enchanting, charming and edgy look could not be in this line. We are talking about a see through material, neon lines defining the models body,touching exactly the curves of her body and leave little to nothing to imagination. Is this something Rihanna or Kim Kardashian would wear? I believe so.

#5 – Old school vibes
I remember this type of dress, meaning the general design, back in the old days. And by ‘ back in the old day’s I mean a few years ago or better yet in the ‘90s when wearing short dresses with that particular cut to the shoulders was everywhere. I like it! Mostly, I like the fact that it’s just the right amount of ‘short without looking too provocative and also the long sleeves are killing it ! Yep? I definitely like this one too.

#6 – Catching all the Rihanna vibes
Those two looks definitely look like something Rihanna would wear, and I think she has worn something like it a couple of years back and I am just so happy she went ahead a made something like this, because it looks simply irresistible.

#8 – The badass look
Picture this, you see someone driving the coolest motorbike you have ever seen. It’s big, loud, with awesome design and it’s been driven by someone with a very well sculptured body in that exact outfit and is wearing a matching helmet. Yep, that’s a woman and that woman is a pure badass.

That’s what this look brought to my mind and I am ready to buy my first motorbike. Yes,I mean it !

Ladies and gentlemen these were my favourite looks from New York’s fashion week concerning Fenty. Expect more catwalk previews to come soon!

                                                  This post was written
by anastasia liouli


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