There’s something about summertime that has us all anticipating it.

Is it the vacations we get to go? The time off from work? The friends we get to see more around this time? The sea we get to swim at? The hot sun shining above our heads while we are sipping a cool ice tea, talking about all and nothing? Or maybe the bonfires at the beach – just like when we were younger with all our friends having the time of our lives without any worry in the world.

Yes, there is something about summer that has us all falling in love with it. Personally, I used to think it was overrated, but for the last couple of summers I found out that with good friends, goals and happy people around you – summer can be turned into a magical time of the year.

However, just like everything in this life it must come to an end.

Or maybe not…


I am lucky enough to be living in Greece, a place where summer often forgets to leave. For us, people in Greece, summer ends in late days of October – yes, that’s right, October. So, while we go back to work or at school, while we get back to our daily lives and struggle, the sun is shining bright and the sea is still rather welcoming.

Although, I was working the entire summer I still had a few moments to steal and run away at the sea. Maybe not as many as I would like, and maybe that’s why I decided to break the ‘unwritten rules’ of September and go for a swim. Yes, you read that right – why do I care if the official summertime months are gone? The weather is still warm, the sea still calm and lovable and with good company summer can definitely last a few more months. Don’t you think?


Other people are wishing they were able to live in a town near water and with weather like Greece’s  – sunny and warm all the time – and since I have this I think that I should take advantage of it. Something that I did just yesterday afternoon!

I must say that the sea was even warmer this time of the year. You’d think that it would be cold by now, but the whole scene was like it was made out of a documentary about summer vacations. Sure, the beach wasn’t filled with people and that’s because the luxury of time is something not many people have and I completely understand it. Everybody’s back at their work places and they have a ton of obligations, plus they think that any time they had to simply “chill” is long gone.



At times like this, when the sky looks so blue, the sea so beautiful and I have a cup of cool coffee in my hands – enjoying the slight breeze, the warm sun and my friends talking about nonsense and just enjoying each others company I can slightly grasp the meaning of life. Or maybe, I should say, the meaning of my life, which is have fun and friends, achieve goals and spend my days loving every single day and every single moments.


If summer is the time I get to grasp and appreciate the meaning of my life, then I really am lucky and grateful to be living in a place where summer is never – ending!

                                                   This post was written 

by anastasia liouli


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