If I could name this collection, I would probably go with something like «splashes of colour» .

We are talking about a very artistic, very elegant, simple, yet absolutely magnificent collection. I don’t know if it’s my favourite one yet, but it sure is at the top of the list. In particular,Iloveitwhendesignersturnfashionintoartistic, when a piece of clothing for them is like a wide canvas with endless possibilities and this line showed that tome and I feel blessed to have watch edit.

On Oscar de la Renta’s line for New York Fashion week we saw splashes of colours, total denim looks and elegant, daily comfort combinations. There weren’t a lot of accessories to support the outfits, or take some of the attention off of the clothes which is good, because I believe that this line should be all about the so easily work clothes Oscar de La Renta has designed for his admirers.

                                    THE LOOKS THAT STOOD OUT FOR ME

# 1 – Art, this is Fashion. Fashion, this is Art.

An introduction to what Oscar de La Renta considers art. It’s known that I am all in for simplicity, comfortable wear and basic coloured clothes and that’s because I find them so interesting and the fact the give you endless possibilities for future combinations is definitely a plus. This outfit, however,is not just simple. It’s something so much more. Pure white is being splashed withs pecks of colours on equal sides,thus giving the look a more bright approach. White can be indifferent, but not this time. Plus, it’s got the perfect length for a shirtdress, not provocative , very feminine and with a pair of the right shoes a woman can do wonders in this outfit.


#2 –I need this outfit

Like I mentioned before, I love basic colours and you can’t go anymore basic than this. Sure it’s an alteration of the previous outfits, but there are some evident differences that I believe can make both outfits differ so much. Yep, I so love it!


#3 – A ‘back to the office’ outfit

Vacations are over, our offices require us back to work and you are looking to find the best outfits for the first day back. Well, I think this is definitely one of them. Long pink jacket meets plain white shirts and shirt in the best way possible. Nothing screams more fashionable than this .


#4 –Timeless

Since the beginning of fashioble Times, back when Chanel ruled Paris she had said that a black dress is a clothing piece all women should own. She was right and Oscar de La Renta knows exactly how right she was, that’s why this design right here is both sexy, with evident femininity, but also with a but of an edgy cut just for a twist of the design. I must admit I am not thrilled the way it makes the models way look, a bit out of the ordinary, like there is a bit of too much fabric on one side, but in general yes, it’s a black dress all women need.


#5 – Something the Douchess of Cambridge should wear

I don’t recall the Douches swearing something like this, since most of her appearances are close to ideal, but I do believe this is a dress for her. This dress screams ” princess “the white/silver touches are very well put ( talking about the flowers) and the tulle on the shoulders is a must have twist.


                                                  This post was written

by anastasia liouli


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