A classic and lovable brand takes over the New York’s fashion week catwalk…

The bright and very talented designer presented to the public, on New York Fashion Week, a very bright line just like himself.

Colours and shades of blue and pink were commonly used among his designs on various types, from dresses to pants and t- shirts. A thing that I also saw and I am thankful the designers decided to bring back is the prominent waistline on every creation.

I am a huge fan of women’s curves and I rarely like designs that are very loose around a woman’s waist. A woman’s curves are something that need to be shown and be appreciated, because those exact curves are what makes her feminine. For a couple of years all we saw on catwalks and ready-to-wear lines were clothes that were extremely baggy, almost androgynous style. Although,I have nothing against that specific style and at times even I try it out, I still believe that a woman’s waist should be prominent, thus enhancing her curvaceous body and her femininity.

Thankfully, this year the designers decided to bring that ” trend ” back and they did beautifully with creations that were both attractive in colour and design.

Michael Kors played with his lines and the woman’s body. He did not hide it at all. On the contrary, with his daring cuts on the clothes, the deep necklines,the prominent waists and belts to match with – this ready – to – wear collection was a small tribute to a woman’s curves.


#1 – Like summertime in Greece

Since the rest of the looks I chose were mostly spring/winter style,I thought I should probably pick one that was more flowy and summer line. Something loose, but also something I could wear perhaps for my walks around Greece’s islands. We’re talking about a midi dress, with see-through fabric on the chest in light blue shade. Very beautiful, reminds me of summer and the light blue sky. That’s something I would definitely pack in my summer wardrobe.

#2 – Look professional, be professional

Who doesn’t need a seasonal coat? Or maybe this specific coat that I adored the minute I saw it. Simple,elegant and magnificent. In a white – beige shade it’s got the colour of spring and maybe autumn. Exactly what’s in style right now. If you are one of those classy women who feel like being fashionable and fabulous without having to dress over the top,then this coat is ideal for you!

#3 – The Classic

Is there any more classic colour combination than black and white? I think not. However,black and white are two colours that do wonders when matched and especially if you don’t feel like experimenting with colours, it’s the type of neutral colours you need to look elegant all the time. This specific design became one of my favourites for the way it turns deep black on the bottom of the dress,the prominent waist and square shoulders. Also,the black flower pattern on the white part of the dress,like a freshly painted canvas,drew my attention from the beginning. Yes,it’s true,I’m a classic girl.

#4 – When sexiness becomes professional

Yes,I know it’s a bit provocative and daring someone to wear. Also, women with big breasts cannot easily wear it, because then it will look something more than simply provocative,but hey,it looks amazing on the model. It’s the typical black skirt, white shirt kind of thing, with the usual black female jacket that adds volume and a dose of professionalism on the outfit. The big twist on the neckline, though,is very interesting.

The flip flops though,not a very good touch.

#5 – Do it like Bella

The on-the-way-to-the-top model Bella Hadid, who walked on Kors’s catwalk wore this magnificent, a bit conservative, elegant piece that I fell in love with. Nothing like the look before,this outfit is for the women who don’t have to or don’t want to show skin. For those naturally born magnificent women who simply by wearing something like that can make a statement. However,with such a pattern and design the statement is easily made by all kinds of women.

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