Milan. What a great city, filled with history, especially when it comes to fashion.

Milan is one of the most important capitals of fashion, respected and appreciated by many and favoured by all kinds of fashion influencers, it’s only natural that it has its very own fashion week.

We are talking about glamour, elegant and style at its very finest. Let’s see the first catwalk I loved and it can be no other than…


Italy. Fashion. Versace… that’s exactly how it works in the mind of many.

For Spring 2018 Donatella Versace, who for plenty of years simce the death of her dear brother and the founder and designer fof fashion house Versace died, is designing each collection she decided to honor her brother through this collection.

Although, each and every outfit brought her signature it was quite obvious her inspiration for it was her late brother Gianni Versace. We are talking about gold colors and elegant matte black colored outfits with gold details – Yes, it was as glamorous as it sounds.

A legendary catwalk that not only enhanced the crowd with all the amazing creations, but it stayed to the people’s minds as one of the catwalks with the best endings. Why? Well, maybe because Donatella chose to close the show by modelling along with some of the most also legendary models of all time. Timeless ladies that prove that they still have that magnetizing aura when they walk.



1 –  The private school girl


Yes, that’s pretty much what this look reminds me. I love the flow-y short black skirt. the color turns a bit matte which is an element I like, because it gives to the whole look a very elegant twist. The tights that accompany the skirt and the entire look is like the revival of an old 90’s trend  ( remember the time when we all used to wear our skirts with a matched pair of tights? I know I do).

2 – The Classic 80’s


I find this a very flattering look and the kind of barroque details take me back on another time. It’s very common for designers to go back to different periods of time to draw inspiration from, so the classic barroque details is no surprise, after all it’s something Gianni Versace also liked. The knee high boots, which I am not going to lie I fell in love with, take me back to the 80s decade, back when my aunt had a pair of boots like those (fun fact! she never let me borrow them).

3 – A strong touch of leather


Donatella had to put her signature in this collection and not only her name. What other most gratifying way of putting her signature in a whole leather look that shows off her edgy style. We are all very aware of how much Donatella likes edginess and she has proven it multiple times, this is another one. A cool touch I also loved? The belt on the waist.

4 – A Versace look


Loud and quiet comes very well on this look – something only Versace as a fashion house would produce. From one hand you got the marvellous long skirt with the indian-like pattern that I believe adds the right amount of volume this look needs and on the other hand, you got the classic jean shirt, buttoned up – very classy and conservative. Those two clothing pieces, paired up with the right belt on the waist created this very beautifull look that reminds us more like a two part dress. I would definetely wear this one on the Milan fashionable streets.

5 – The Italian lady


Why I added this look on the list with the looks I loved? But, for the coat of course. Is it the color, the texture, the total Italian lady look that magntized me? I don’t know, what I know for a fact though is that this is a lady like look and all ladies must pay close attention to it. Ladies, this must be the coat that will get you through the first weeks of spring 2018.


This post was written

by anastasia liouli


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