Just because the blog has a new, way more awesome,layout doesn’t mean we have to get distracted by it. We still have a lot of fashion weeks reviews to go over.

Fasten your seatbelts.

If you are looking for a brand to satisfy your sensuality, to make you more appealing in a more comfortable way and to avoid looking like you barely have something on then this collection by our all time favourite brand, Roberto Cavalli, is for you.

We are talking about sensuality, beauty, sex appeal. We are talking about all the things a woman’s outfit must have.

Roberto Cavalli as a brand took our breath away in Milan Fashion Week with a clear form of sensuality. It basically disowned sexiness.

Sensual is the new sexy.

Looks I loved

#1 – Off-the-shoulder elegance

It’s that type of dress that remind us of ancient Greece. At least the design of it, especially if it was white.

However, that design with that color is clearly a Roberto Cavalli dress. I really like the depth of the color, it’s the right shade of dark blue without resembling black. Long and soft it floats around the models feet so beautifully it would be great for a more formal dinner. Plus the oversized statement accessories were a great touch to the total outfit!

I must say, unfortunately, a HUGE NO to the shoes. Come on, people, where are the pumbs or even sandals we all love, because that’s what one would expect to see with a dress like that. Not something people from two centuries back would wear.

#2 – Pure Sensuality

I guess, I could say that the cut out design on the core of the models body is something we’ve seen before. Very appealing, almost sexy, a cut out that shows the right amount of skin, yet it manages to leave something to the imagination.

The pure white color adds that purity, that innocence, the dress needs and the gentle neckline is so very subtle. The kind of subtle a dress with such a wide cut out needs.

#3 – Sports bra with a dress twist

That’s the most confusing title I’ve ever given to a dress, but let me elaborate. Take a good look at the dress. Sure it’s beautiful, I love the cut out of the shoulders, the color is a dark c-through blue that looks so very, unbelievably, soft. It has power, it has style.

Yet, the top along with the cut outs reminds me of a sports bra. I mean,come on,it’s right there. Not that it’s a bad thing,I kind of like that looks like the model just put on her gym clothing along with a long dress and made it into that.

Very imaginative.

# 4 – The Zebra coat

Common pattern among designers, the zebra pattern is adored by many for the simple fact that black and white are in perfect harmony.

Now, put that on a coat and you will have women falling in love with it.

And they did…

#5 – Mix, match & Twist

A three part outfit that I would wear on a business date. I’m a fashion girl, of course I would.

It’s a very powerful combination. The white is definitely an easily matched color, yet the designer paired it up with a middle section sparkly piece, like a diamond corset and the top has a knot twist close to the armpit and it’s in my favourite dark blue shade.

Oh,how beautiful.

#6 – A fashion editor’s daily outfit

I can, honestly , live by just wearing this.

I ain’t lying.

The perfect combination of comfortable and styling in a total outfit by the famous brand that’s very appropriate for a busy day.

Imagine if you have to go on multiple errands around the city, and business dates, plus lunch with the girls. You need something that stylish, comfortable and not too heavy.

The answer is this.

Let’s just say that a brand with that kind of history and importance in the fashion industry has to at least surprise us. Roberto Cavalli might not surprise us exactly (what can I say, I am not that easily surprised), but it definitely presented us outfits for every style,every woman and every occasion.

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