Because I refuse to acknowledge autumn is here…


October is almost over. which means we’re heading closer and closer to winter.

Cold days, windy weather, misty streets, and heavy clothing. That’s what winter means to me, and I can honestly say that I am not a big fan of cold weather. I like summer, I love sitting by the sea, daydreaming or just swimming around, enjoying the warm weather. I am a summer person, what can I say?

One of the last days of spring/summer – the weather was a bit chilly, but the sun was still up and the whole atmosphere reminded me of those god-given summer days – I chose to take advantage of the good weather and wear an outfit that is very spring – like.

Long sleeves, but shorter length pants.

When I went through my closet I had in mind that I wanted to put on something comfortable, because for me comfort in clothing is basically all that matters. I want to have on clothes that make me feel comfortable, that allow me movements and don’t restrict me in any way. That’s why you will rarely see me wearing something very, very tight, or something that doesn’t allow me to walk.


This pair of pants, also known as culottes, is very loose, very flowy and it’s made of a soft fabric that doesn’t feel heavy at all. Not like when you wear a pair of jeans ( which I also love), that feel slightly heavier than any other fabric-made clothing.

Culottes are usually high-waisted, which means you can wear it with a crop top (like I did) or maybe with a very nice buttoned up shirt (or t-shirt), but make sure to tuck it inside the culotes, it will give to your outfit more style.

I wore a floral crop top with long sleeves. Truth be told, I have been waiting for a while for the weather to be appropriate to wear this, and now that I had the opportunity right in front of me I couldn’t pass it by.


Tip/Advice! When wearing a crop top avoid wearing it with a low waist pair of pants. the amount of skin showing is probably going to be a lot more provocative that you would want to, and honestly, you need to have  a killer body to pull off something like that ( if you do it means you are a very fit person and not a junk food lover like myself). If you have a killer body, congratulations, wear it with pride.


I completed my outfit with my white Adidas Advantage shoes.
They are sneakers with a twist, probably not appropriate for gym life, but they look very good with anything – even with a dress ( an outfit that will soon be uploaded here).


And the glasses?

A small gift from myself to myself from H&M. Yep, that’s right, H&M because lately they really have improved their products and each line is better than the last. Is it possible that H&M is the new Zara? Possibly.

Thinking simple and practical is all I ever do when it comes to my closet, so be prepared to see fun combinations, simple and elegant outfits with a twist and dive into my closet and shopping sprees.

Until next time, my lovely fashion lovers!


by anastasia liouli



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