Colors, patterns and lots of skin. For approximately 80 years Missoni has written a long history in the fashion industry, with its great designs and ground breaking lines.

That’s a traidition Angela Missoni is trying to keep until today and I think she has managed to do it rather successfully.

Missoni is playing with the patterns and the combinations of colors and shades, creating clothes for very strong fashion lovers – the type that are not afraid to play with colors or show a little skin in the name of fashion.

   Looks I loved 

#1 – Dress to impress

missoni 1

It’s the kind of dress you don’t easily see a woman wear on the streets. It’s the type of dress that only a fashion freak would wear, the dress that a fashionista can truly appreciate and take advantage of its styling opportunities.

It has volume, color and coverage. That dress is not a piece of clothing I would easily wear, yet its casual design, but colorful image did something to me. It clicked to my mind and I could picture it worn woth a pair of heels and not that white long sock on the inside – that’s so last season. The long neckline is something typical for Missoni, just as the pattern, which is like a 90s comeback.

This is a dress for all of you crazy, edgy fashionistas out there.

#2 – Androgynous

missoni 2

I am not ashamed to say that I would easily wear a clothing piece from the men’s line.

I’m actually proud of it. The casual jacket the handsome man above is wearing is a number one must – have in my shopping list. Why? Because of its typical design and the color of it. A shade of blue and puprle, mixed and put together so neatly, that the final product is incredible.

Don’t be ashamed to shop from the men section, ladies, you can find some true jems in there.

#3 –  A ‘dressy’ cardigan

missoni 3

Yes, it looks like you turned your cardigan into a dress, but how cool would that be? You would probably look like an undiscovered fashion icon.

Missoni took the checked pattern it used for this line, put it on a cardigan and then altered it into a dress. Because, fashion needs imagination, everybody knows that. Important details, such as jewelries, high socks, sandals make a difference in this look. Sure, you won’t see someone wear it on the streets, but I would mind wearing this with a pair of black leggings or no leggins at all, but also with a pair of black pumbs – because you don’t need any more volume than what this look already has.

#4 – Romantic turned sexy

missoni 4

Romance is important in every industry, fashion is taking good advantage of it, yet Missoni spiced it up a bit.

Romance is good, but sexy is better. A long, deep neckline that shows enough promising skin on a flowy pink dress, is exactly the dress any confident girl needs. Fashion meets confidence and sexiness in a beautiful long pink dress.

Plus, look at the fabric of the dress. Isn’t it something you want to feel on your skin?

#5 – Parisian look

missoni 5

Imagine you are strolling the Parisian streets, the sun is shining brightly and you are walking with confidence and style, while wearing this dress. You look beautiful and you feel like it too.

Even though I must say a huge no to the shoes, because they are incredibly unflattering, I will have to say a big yes to the dress, which looks mighty fine and I would really like the fantasy above to make it a reality.

#6 – Carelessly Stylish

missoni 6

Although, I would probably wear this with some type of bra ( I am not a huge fan of nipple-showing), I must admit this is a beautiful dress.

Missoni has presented in this line some very flattering dresses, and this is definetely one of them. I love the design, we might have seen it before, but Missoni-styled it looks almost ground breaking. The balloon end of it is a huge plus, mostly because it looks well matched with the tight upper part and the ‘nakedness’ that follows the dress.

Mighty good.

#7 – See-through jumpsuit 

missoni 7

See-through is a material/style on clothes that I like.

Although, at times, I feel like dressing up a bit provocatively – most of the times I avoid looking too provocative, after all I am trying to be somewhat humble . However, there are times that I like to play with my style and dress up a bit, just enough to give a boost of confidence in myself.

This jumpsuit is rather flashy, and something anyone would wear in a more important occasion. Confidence is a key factor to wear this, trust me.


Missoni definetely has a line made for a true fashionista and some very beautiful, sparkly pieces that you will love, just like I did with the looks above.

Well done, Ms Missoni, you did a great job!



by anastasia liouli



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