When working makes you feel something more than simply #blessed…

If I could work 24/7 just so my mind would always be busy, I would. Yes, I would.
When I was younger I was all about having free time – mostly I needed time to sleep, but nowadays I just need time to fit a different activity into my already busy schedule. Believe it or not, that’s how I like it.


Some would probably say that’s not healthy, but in all honesty, that’s how I like it. Lately, I have been making a list – I keep adding new stuff – with all the things I want to do, something like a bucket list, but for the immediate future. Along, with my visits to the therapist (because I have a few personal issues / we will talk about it another time) I slowly start putting all the things I want to do in order. Sure, they all require dedication, but let me tell you this – I have never felt better.

It’s like I am starting to view myself as a different person, someone with more goals, someone who is determined to look over every aspect of the world and make the best of it.

Right at this moment I am the editor-in-chief of a Fashion & Beauty column at, I am working here on my personal blog, write a new book on Wattpad, while also working full time (in sales – that’s something you didn’t know about me) and I am also planning photoshoots for the blog, and maybe a potential YouTube channel.


These are only few of the things I am doing, because I am planning to do more. Why? All this ‘work’ is keeping my mind in check in a whole separate way. Being busy makes me feel happy, because a thing you should know about me is I hate being bored and this way I avoid boredom at all costs.

Sure, sometimes I have to stay up late, but it’s totally worth it.

You know, most people will probably think this is not healthy and at some deep and addictive level being a workaholic is bad, but it kind of works for me in a way that it will take a lot of time to explain. Trust me.

There is a healthy way to be a workaholic, although I am not sure it’s been acknowledged with that term. When working and having various hobbies you view as ‘work’, and spending a lot of time on them makes you feel happy and as if you are doing something good for yourself –is that a bad thing? Are you really a workaholic?

Hmm… that’s up for debate, I guess. However, right at this moment, if spending all my time into working onto things that matter to me and are good for my future and my mental well – being, if I prefer spending most of my time in front of my computer, if I literally have no free time – if all those things make me a workaholic, so be it.

Maybe, just maybe, the term ‘workaholic’ doesn’t have to mean something bad. Maybe we all have the power to alter the meaning of this word. Obviously, I do not support the people that let their jobs ‘eat them alive’ and stress them, but when working all day long in terms and schedules that make you feel comfortable fills you up as a person, then I am prepared to support you. Why? Because, I understand. Because, I feel you. Because, in the end of the day, when you are in your early 20s, you have an obligation to yourself to work on yourself – for yourself – by yourself 24/7. The time to dedicate time into your future is now, and if that makes you a workaholic, so be it. At least in a few years, you will be in a place you are happy with yourself.


Personally, I am proud of myself. The time I spend in front of my computer doesn’t go to waste and if I am allowed to share something with you: I managed to raise the visits on, at my column the last few months I have been working on it and that’s something I am proud of – because, I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I proved me wrong in the best way possible.

It feels nice. It feels like I am doing a good thing for me every time I open my laptop and dive into a sea of obligations and hobbies turned into obligations. Like I said before, there is a healthy way to be a workaholic and possibly, that’s when you put effort into things that will take you further in life, work related.

I am happy with my work and my activities people… the question is: Are you?





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