Some say that this is the most comfortable trend after athleisure. 
I say it’s just the easiest style to play with.

It has become a habit the last few months, every Saturday after a hasty day at work I visit my childhood best friend at the local coffee shop she is working. Girl time is absolutely necessary for any woman, especially once a week – at least that’s what I do. Why?
Oh, well, come on ladies, we all need some time off everyone to be with the few people that can relate to our problems or offer us the best advice. If it’s a boy problem, then some girl talk is in order.

Thankfully, my boy problems are not so much problems, but I still take time off my week to dedicate to my girl best friends – talk a little, offer advice to one another and maybe do a little gossip.

The last week the weather (and my wardrobe) seemed ideal for a total denim outfit. 


Total denim outfits are trending like crazy in every street style of every country. They can be cute, professional, sexy, comfortable and above all, stylish. (Fact! I am, actually, thinking of creating either a street style category or post some articles about my favorite street style appearances and trends, because street style has become over the years a big part of fashion).

Let’s get back to my outfit…

Obviously, the weather was not near as cold and windy and rainy as it is now. And let me tell you this, the weather right now is awful – especially for a sunny country like Greece, and it demands a very warm coat over every outfit.

This denim jacket I am wearing over my striped black and white shirt –  I totally adore shirts, and I believe any outfit can be elevated with a shirt whether it’s on top of an outfit like a coat of some sort or like shirt like I wore it – is an old 90’s denim jacket that belonged to my sister. In my house it’s very typical of my sisters to throw old clothes away, but I throw nothing away if it’s not worn out, because like this jacket, any clothing piece can be reused over time. Just like this jacket, which will always be in style – especially now that 90’s fashion is trending like crazy.


Matched with a casual, high waist denim pair of pants the outfit was just as casual as I wanted it to be. Denim pants are, definitely, a must-have in every woman’s closet and their ability to be worn at any occasion, from a day to the office with a shirt or a night out with a pair colorful pumps and a cute top, gives every woman that ‘practical’ element we all need in our closets.


Who can say no to a white pair of Adidas Advantage pair of casual and classic sneakers? Definitely not me.

There’s a frenzy over Superstars and Stan Smith’s from Adidas and everyone seems to be obsessed over them, but I believe that Adidas Advantage is equally cute and they can replace Stan Smith’s.

By the way, of course in the picture above I am holding a cup of small chocolate chip cookies – I can’t resist.


Check out the photo of my total denim outfit in the picture above. Sure I could lose the jacket and put on a denim shirt instead, thus making it a total denim outfit without the exception of the striped shirt, but I like to play around with my clothing choices a bit.

Hair up in a ponytail, I am probably the epitome of a casual chic and comfortable style choice.


There are multiple ways to create a total denim look!

How would you do it?

Pull & Bear (basic line) | Shirt: Unknown |  Jacket: Holiday Jeans, HDY | Sneakers: Adidas – Advantage  |Bag: Luigi.com.gr


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