Who here was taught one by one every human right?
Who here was taught what the true nature of feminism is, along with the true meaning of the word?

I know I didn’t.
I know I learned most about feminism, or even human rights, by TV, cinema and the internet. Probably, because maybe some people don’t want us to know that we have rights as human beings. Or maybe over the years the true meaning of the word feminism changed and nobody really knows what it means anymore.


Here, today, I want to focus my attention on the woman who wear the scars on her face like battle wounds and she feels blessed she survived. I want to focus my attention on th woman whose smile was broken into tiny pieces and every day she struggles to put them together again for the sake of others.

Those women are the victims of an unjustible wrath. They took the blame, they were hurt, abused and some idiots told them they were worth it, so now they don’t only have a broken body and life, but a broken confidence as well.

How sad, that in the year of 2017 domestic abuse is still a very serious problem. That instead of things getting better over the centuries, women are still abused and viewed as a punching bag for mean and cruel people. For people who feel like with their threats, their hits, their mean words cn bring someone down and build themselves up. That’s not how things should be.


To the girl who is currently abused: Take your stuff, take your broken smile and flee, not to run away and hide from your problems, but in order to look for the true meaning of love and happiness with someone who will respect and accept you. Someone who will love you, cherish you, value you. Just like you value yourself, because – girl- you are strong and beautiful and kind and worthy and you deserve to live a life so full and so blessed that years later you will be sure to have no regrets.
Your voice and your life matters. Raise your voice and speak up against the people who hurt you and take advantage of you.


Give your lifeΒ  a chance to turn everything towards a better place. I’m with you, I stand with you. The whole world stands with you, because you matter.

That’s right – you do!




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