Karl Lagerfeld, the designer who so rightfully took over Chanel’s Creative department as a Director and managed to continue Coco’s legacy, while being respectful of the fashion house’s history and significance is back with another collection.

For Pre- Fall 2018, Karl Lagerfeld took the fashion house he ‘serves’ back to his own roots in Hamburg, Germany. A very powerful fashion show, with an incredibly artistic and high fashion atmosphere that surrounded the show and the clothes.

The clothes. Oh, the clothes.

Powerful outfits with strong touches of femininity. I saw outfits that took my breath away with how professional they looked, but also with how sexy the models were able to look even though some creations could be considered as a bit conservative.

As a fashion house, Chanel, doesn’t aim for sexiness. At least that’s what its shown us over the years. It’s a fashion house that ‘speaks’ to women who believe in power, who are ambitious, who are working hard to get what they want and they want to look good on their way to the top.

Karl Lagerfeld serves that purpose and designs for those women.

The fashion show, Metiers d’art Paris, for me was a total success (at least where fashion is concerned). It proved to be very hard for me to choose my favorite looks and narrow them down in order to put together this pos. Mainly because there were so many looks I loved, I just couldn’t separate them easily. I had to look at them over and over again in order to choose those that I liked the most.

Finally, I decided to go with my preference. I chose the ones I believe are closer to my own style and choice of wear, meaning most of them are monochrome and simple.

Let’s dive into it!


Classic winter outfit, that should be an alternative title for this outfit. I love how thick the material is and I can only imagine how warm it feels. The details so beautifully put together, or I should say knit together, give a whole other elegance to this outfit. Obviously, the long socks played their part in me loving this outfits along with the cute hat accessory, that accompanied all the outfits of this collection.



I don’t know about you, but those two outfits appeared to me like they are a ‘walk’ down Lagerfeld’s memory lane. Or maybe not. I don’t know what the designer had in mind when he put together those two versions, but to me it looks like the stylish and cute boy grew up to become this handsome young man. Oh the innocence of youth and the maturity of growing up.



Many business women need to travel around most of their time and often they have to visit some rather cold places. This outfit, I believe, is ideal for them to feel warm and look fabulous at the same time. I love how long this coat is, to the point it’s probably considered a dress. The dark color, the paired up buttons scream Chanel and elegance all in one.



I think I’ve already given this outfit title before, but little do I care. Mainly because this outfit impressed me the most. Why? Well, it’s not exactly unique we could say. There are plenty of fashion houses and brands that have launched designs like this, a coat turned into a short dress, although it’s usually matched with over-the-knee boots. However, I liked the fact that this is a typical Chanel jacket turned into something lavish, that I can only dream about wearing.



I thought about breaking the dark colors by inserting a white outfit here! Pure white with black downward stripes that make the model look slim, especially around the waist. This time, the hat turned white, the high neck blouse remained dark, but it looks so good and harmonized with the whole black and white mixing. Plus, the little box-like accessory, the bag, is unbelievably cute! 


I would really like to know what you thought about this collection. Did you like it? Hate it? Would have definitely worn it?

I know I would!


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