Setting New Goals | Taking over 2018

When you are one of those few people who enjoy being busy all the time, then setting up lists and goals and doing your best to achieve each and every one of them is just so satisfying (Yes, I am being serious).

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The last few months of 2017, I grew accustomed to creating small monthly lists with importnant or unimportant goals of the month. The feeling I got in the end whenever I managed to get something done within a specific timeline is undescribable. Am I that much of a control freak and a workaholic? Possibly! But, in my mind I had to do better, I had to make a special list about the entire year if I wanted this year to be productive and goals-achieving type.

Fitting all the things I want done within 12 months in a list that doesn’t resemble a papyrus script was rather difficult. I had to re-write it plenty of times, but eventually I managed to narrow it down to the month important things I need to have achieved by the end of 2018. The main goal when making that list was to evaluate my priorities and narrow the list down to the most basic things that actually mattered for me. Things that would make me move a step forward in life, educate myself in every way, be inspiring, productive and things that I would actually enjoy doing.

I started writing down how I wanted this year to be like and it all came down to one thing. 2018 is bound to be my ‘game – year”, a year I will spend with making memories and achieving goals and planning and working for my life, for who I am and who I want to become.


The ultimate goal is to become a better version of myself and I strongly believe that I will do that by ticking off each and every goal from below.

ย GOAL LIST – 2018ย 

  • Write a book (on wattpad)
  • Go on a trip (scheduled on for Crete in June)
  • Read at list 50 books ( of all genders)
  • Create photo memories and post them on IG
  • Start learning ย a new language
  • Reduce my panic attacks
  • Write regularly on my blog
  • Re-decorate my room
  • Look for photography lessons
  • Get my driving lisence

If this isn’t a very creative list, then I don’t know how else to describe it. Plus, I am actually kind of proud of myself for narrowing it down, because the original one was a lot longer and very pointless. Now, at least, I have in it all the precious things I want to do to make myself more educated and knoweledgable and ‘busy’.

I am wondering though… What is your yearly bucket list like?



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