Time’s Up at Golden Globes

You can make a statement by voicing your opinion out loud.

You can make a statement by refusing to go to work.

You can make a statement by posting something on social media.

Or, you can also make a statement by choosing to dress a specific way, just like most of the artists at Golden Globes did by wearing black.

As a way to protest and stand with gender equality and against sexual harassment (especially at the workplace),actors and actresses dressed up in black at Golden Globes awards to show their support and make a loud statement to the world and most importantly to the entertainment industry for which we heard so much the last few months.

I could go on and start talking about how great of a movement that is and praise the celebrities for their support. But, frankly, I feel so very sorry for the society we live in and for the celebrities who had to dress up in a specific way, by using fashion as their weapon to show they don’t agree with sexual harassment or that they demand gender equality in and out of the workplace.

Obviously, I feel the same way. I don’t want in mt 20’s to be worried if someone at work will sexual harass me or if my male co-worker is getting paid for the same job a larger amount of money. It’s sad that at the century we live in, after everything humanity has been through we still have to fight for two issues that we should have solved many years ago.

After wars, political scandals, after revolutions from the 80s and the 90s and years before and after that, aftet countless of revolutionary acts and movements from people who the only thing they wanted was freedom and equality, long before we were even born – here we are now, 2018 still fighting for women not to be considered ‘weak’ and treated unfair at the workplace and for people (men and women alike) to understand that ‘no means no’ in every language.

Since when supporting yourself, defending your rights as a human being and wanting to be treated equally needs to be fought for ? Shouldn’t those things be established at the advanced century we live in already?

I am proud for the women and the men who are fighting for those rights and who are aiming to create a better future for all of us and eliminate injustice. But, ladies and gentlemen, I just wished that you didn’t have to and that equality and respect would exist in all forms already and would be obeyed and respected by every being on this planet.

Unfortunately, maybe we are not ready for all those things yet. Maybe, in the end, we are not even close to being as advanced as we consider ourselves.

Congratulations to those who are not backing down, but sadly it seems that society has yet a long way to go before we truly understand and appreciate gender equality and respect towards another person’s body.

May ‘the year of change’ be near us and may all your efforts be worthy in the end.

Here’s to a better tomorrow for all of us!


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