“Jumper” up your trousers

The last few months I have been working day and night with no day offs whatsoever, which means my night-life is pretty much none existent at the moment.

That’s not something I enjoy, but I am working to make money and I still have a blog to run and update regularly, which means that I have to be dedicated in what I do until I can afford to “chillax” a bit.
So, it’s only natural when it comes to fashion not to own a lot of night – time outfits, since I don’t wear them all that much.

However, I do love basic lines and practical, easily altered clothing and I do have a habit turning every piece of clothing into something appropriate for night and day. It’s like my favorite thing to do.
I bought this pair of strip-y trousers with the intention to wear them, maybe, with a black crop top and make them look like a night time outfit. But, since I am working all the time, I figured that I could possibly turn them into something much more practical for my daily job.


A nice, cozy, warm jumper is the best choice to make any (somewhat) “fancy” pair of pants look much more comfortable and much more casual than what they really are.


It was on my recent shopping spree that I basically roamed the internet platform and every street style and trend setting online store to find the items I truly need to have in my closet. Obviously, I made a very enlightening list with every piece I need and is missing from my closet.

This warm, soft colored jumper was one of those things, along with my, now favorite, brand new pair of strip-y white and blue trousers. Paired together and with my obsession, my Adidas – advantage code – sneakers, with a snap of my fingers and imagination they turned into a stylish, cozy, classy outfit for me to wear all day long.


Jumpers are extremely comfortable and very warm and cozy, especially now that winter-time is very vicious. Find your very own pair of jumpers and match it with a pair of basic designed trousers and your sneakers, if you want an outfit that’s both stylish and easily wearable throughout the day.


I bought both of them on H&M (I am in no way advertising them), mainly because I trust the company’s clothes and quality and because they have a very practical and stylish basic line that always catches my attention. I don’t know about you, but I truly believe that basic lines are the best in every store.

Find the store (online and offline) that inspires and matches your style and find something similar to your taste!

For those of you who want to know more about those pieces, here they are!








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