Trends I loved in 2017 | A Fashion Recap

As you may know, trends in fashion come and go all the time. 

In fashion one minute you’re in and the next you are out. Same rule applies on trends as well. Some last for just a season, while others might last much longer than that.
The previous year, the now gone 2017, we saw almost a dozen of trends coming and going between months. Most, if not all of them, were trends that were re-living their years of fame, I’m talking about those trends that we had seen before in the past, like in the 90s.

Like the typical person, who loves re-evaluating every aspect of her life, once a year has passed I like counting down the trends I loved most each year. 2017, you’re next.
Although, I am not really into copying and following trends, I do respect the fact that every trend serves a puprose in the fashion industry and I quite like it when trends of the past come back again.
So, let’s dive in the sea of trends from 2017 and countdown my absolutely favorite ones.

Are you ready?

#5 – Belts on waists

It’s pretty much a trend that we saw a lot in the last fashion weeks. I’m very into prominent waists, and by putting a belt on a shirt or a dress you manage to give shape to your body and when it comes to oversized shirts, what’s better? Nothing. It sort of gives off a very french-like vibe that – as some would say – I dig.

belts on waist
Belt by Kate Spade New York

Style tip! Give shape to your androgynous shirt with a medium size belt on your waist. 

#4 – Blazers 

Ever since I started wearing them to appear as part of the production team at fashion shows with my fashion school I’ve been obsessed with them. Blazers got huge popularity, especially when they were launched as part of the androgynous style for women. Now, they come in many lengths, colors and patterns for us to choose from, for every type of stylish girl.

Long Blazer in soft pink shade

Style tip! Wear them over your crop top and make sure it’s long enough to reach just under your bum. Of course, high waisted jeans are a must. A classy outfit just turned casual.

#3 – Anything Oversized

Mostly t-shirts, sweaters and coats. Oversized pants and jeans are not really my thing. Oversized sweaters, however, or t-shirts look I believe look good on me and I prefer them. I find that kind of style very comfortable and you know me, I’m all about comfort.

Urban Outfitters

Style tip! Put on your oversized hoodied sweater with your leggings. Mix athleisure with sleepwear style. Looks good, right?

#2 – Overalls

The true definition of a back to back trend. Overalls were a huge success in the 90s and have come back to prove once more that are a mighty fine piece. Personally, the days my jeans are all in the washer I found them to come quite handy and let’s face it, all you need to do is put on any kind of t-shirt underneath and your outfit is set.

American Eagle

Style tip! While still going through this vicious cold winter you can wear your overalls with your fave warm sweater. Trust me, it looks good. 

#1 – Turtlenecks 

Fun fact! When I was a lot younger I used to think they were going to choke me. Nowadays, whenever I feel like dressing up my neck a bit warmer against the cold or whenever I want to put my hair up in  a bun and put on my oversized earrings I find turtlenecks to be able to give off a very stylish vibe.

Moon River

Style tip! Choose a tight turtleneck t-shirt (whatever color you like – personally I like black – no surprise there!) and wear it with your jeans by tucking the ends of the turtleneck inside the jeans. Match it with whatever shoes you want, I suggest pumps if you want to turn it more classy.

What’s your past trends countdown? I’m curious. I am certain, however, that those trends we saw last year won’t go away any time soon.
I am looking forward, though, to see what kind of trends will come this year.
What do you think?


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