PFW | Couture Spring 2018 | Celia Kritharioti

As a fashion admirer I love seeing what great designers create each year and figuring out their inspiration behind each design. As a Greek girl, though, I was particularly excited to see what Celia Kritharioti had prepared for Paris Fashion Week 2018.

There’s something magical about this particular designer who’s admired by many. She has the power to make us all anticipate her next show and wonder what else can her creative imagination produce.

At the lavish and luxurious Ritz Hotel in Paris, all Celia Kritharioti’s faithful admirers gathered to witness another fashion show by the great Greek designer. Kritharioti is all about femininity and sensuality, yet there’s always a dose of subtle innocence at each design. Most pieces fit models like gloves,almost as if caressing their bodies.

In pastel colours and shades of white, Kritharioti’s color palette appeared to be particularly hazy. Embroidered details appear in all her dresses, most of them being small flowers. Does she view the woman’s body as a secret garden?

The “volume” in her designs came in different ways. From some we saw the ends of the dresses forming umbrella round circles, while in others we saw prominent bows, for example, on the chest area. I should also mention that, although all her pieces had some hidden sensuality, none of them provoked. Apparently, you can be sensual without accused of being ‘too’ sexy. Who knew.

To me four (4) specific designs caused my heart to stir excitedly the minute I saw them.

Four designs with a magical vibe.


#1 – Dance to the rhythm

What a strange title, right? However, those fringes made me think of dancers, who love shaking their body to the rhythm, or a showstopping persona who wants to turn heads with every step she takes . This ‘dancy’ mini dress is paired with matching over-the-knee boots of the same pattern and idea. Show stopping, right?

#2 – Subtle form of Couture

We’re so used to seeing extravagant Couture pieces around this time of year that this subtle Couture design actually might have surprised us a bit. Sculptured to the models body, with embroidered flowers on the lower part, while the upper part reminds something of royalty gowns from the old years. I loved the open round circle the dress formed and of course, the matching booties. Might even be a dress you would most probably see at the Met gala.

#3 – Like diamonds on skin

This mini dress with (naturally) matching over-the-knee boots looks like it doesn’t even require fabric in the first place. The small, tiny, well selected diamonds look like they are pinned on the model’s skin. Yet, it’s so masterfully created that looks like pure art. Pure fashion, wearable art.

#4- Alternative wedding dress

If I ever get married and this dress is still available I will definitely wear it at the wedding reception . Prominent white flowers,sign of purity, dressed the body in the form of a mini dress. For all I know that flowers might even be butterflies. Wouldn’t that be a tad more magical? Whatever the case it still is a beautiful dress.

Celia Kritharioti’s Couture collection for Spring 2018 was a very artistic, elegant and lavish one. It turned heads and the mass of media praised her for her imaginative creation . It’s my turn to do the same.

You did wonderfully, Ms Kritharioti.


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