PFW | Couture Spring 2018 | Chanel

We all know the history and the significant importance of the Chanel suit.

The classic suit that Chanel designed and worn to her last breath, created for the powerful woman who is the master of her own universe, in the hands of Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld is altered and moderned. Karl Lagerfeld, always respectful to the Chanel house’s history, has once again designed for the well known fashion house for Couture season in Paris, France.

A couture collection in pink shades, pastel colors and washed out corals, with a dose of edgy leather touches in dresses and the classic tweed suit, was a success. Most designs were diferent versions of the classic Chanel suit in all kinds of colors, shades and lengths. The all time favorite Chanel fabric, the tweed, was of course the only choice to go when working on such a time thriving design. However, we were indeed witnesses of the lengths Lagerfeld’s creativity can go, with multiple designs of long dresses and bermuda shorts.


#1 – The Classic

This is an actual representation of how the Chanel suit would look if designed now. In different color shade, a soft,hazy, light pink one, with the skirt ending just above the knee, in tweed fabric. The decorative headpiece is an item I loved and the leather gloves added the right flare this look needed.


#2- The Alternative

This time the suit changes appearance. The feather like effect is, in my opinion, the right, spectacular effect for a couture collection, while the leather gloves and shoes are a Karl Lagerfeld touch. He might be designing for Chanel, but he is a great and creative personality that lives for fire and edge. This is an amazing couture coat.


#3- The Lady

This particular look reminded me mostly of a sophisticated lady working in the fashion industry. A woman who wants to be in fashion when working for fashion. Another soft pink shades shows innocence, while the prominent waist and the feminine curves show femininity.


#4- The Volume

A total outfits is here! A straight line dress, an inch above the knee, while the Chanel jacket has a subtle volume. That volume might even be the oversized trend translated in Chanel language.


#5- The Pants

Is this a Chanel regular? I am not sure, but I am loving the return of bermuda shorts and especially, this particular one. White, classy, sophisticated and Chanel. Need any more? I don’t think so! This is something that Kristen Stewart would probably wear. I would, however, wear that jacket any time of day, even just draped around my shoulders.
In. Love.


It was another huge collection with multiple pieces, a range of creativity levels to admire. Once again Karl Lagerfeld gave life to the Chanel powerful fashion house with his designs capable to thrive overtime.


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