PFW | Couture Spring 2018 | Valentino

I am not sure what, exactly, I am used to seeing from Valentino as a fashion house and Mr Piccioli as its designer.

I guess, when it comes to Haute Couture I expect to be dazzled. I want the models on the catwalk to feel the lavish energy coming from the designs, I want them to pose with grace. Maybe I am old school. That must be it, because in Valentino’s Couture collection all I could see was a distinctive path to the future of Haute Couture.

Modern, different, evolved. To those who want to be part of modern times fashion, to those who are looking for that “something else” maybe this is the collection you are looking for.

Piccioli took what he knew about Haute Couture, took his creativity, his inspiration and memories and tranformed them into pieces with modern touch and volume as that “something else / something extra”. Volume on headpieces and certain dresses, in fast fashion that’s the oversized trend – the latest and the hottest-, that carried a different meaning and level of design. He played with known to us shades of pink, blue, red and purple, while he also had a field day playing with edges and ruffles.

A couture collection that was bazed on the now.


#1 – The Ninja

I am not making fun of anything on this outfit, it’s one of the series I liked after all. However, the minute I saw this I started trying to trace the dots and connect them, to find what it was that it reminded me. Eventually, I realized that back when everybody was into martial arts I had seen a suit with similar design. Obviously, the colors and poise is much different , but still it has that something. Loved the color combination by the way, they add life and a dose of energetic vibe to the look. Amazing.

#2- Stylish volume

Who would have expected that I would have liked something like this? When it comes to oversized I’m a one piece at the time kind of girl. This look, though, intrigued me in a way. I liked how it escaped from the ordinary design of clothing pieces hugging a girls curves, it offers a new idea in fashion – at least that’s my opinion. A color pallete is basically imprinted on the look and I might be a fan of monochrome style I can’t disagree that this is a good combination.

#3- Ruffles

Honestly, I think this is something you would have seen on New York street style. It’s as modern as it can go, the belt like fabric on the waist adds a stylish flare and the pants flow around the models body showing how light they are. I very much liked that the long ruffled jacket was the only unique colored one .

#4- Little Lady in Valentino

New Times and youth emit from this look. I really believe this is something a young girl feeling like a lady would have worn. Creme shade, oversized belt and tights . A bit 90s, but well adjusted to the modern days fashion rules . Another level of fashion creativity in Paris Haute Couture week.

Colourful modernity and abstract, volumed designs by Mr Piccioli for Valentino. A rather lovely and modern collection. Am I right ?


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