PFW | Couture Spring 2018 | Elie Saab

A magical force in Haute Couture.

The name is connected with magic, romance, femininity. When it comes to Ellie Saab I know that couture finds true meaning in his name. The lebanese fashion designer taught me how a bridal gowns designer can turn to Haute Couture with such success.

It’s very hard for me to choose one gown from Saab’s Haute Couture collection. Yet this is a series of articles I’ve started and I feel almost obligated to continue.

Ruffles is something we saw quite a lot in this collection, so is the “cape effect”, as I like to call it. Saab took the bridal gown tails we are so used to seeing worn by brides and masterfully turn them into capes. He added a lavish flare to his collection and shot another arrow of love through my heart.

The Looks I Loved

#1 – Foreign Queen

This look has become my absolutely favourite. I fell in love with the embroidered details all along the dress, and found the headpiece that decorated the model’s head a masterpiece. Although, I am all about free and flowy hairstyles this headpiece is to die for. Speaking of flowy, this magnificent gown had another designing detail I really liked. Besides the low neckline the long sleeves that created the whole Cape – effect with the flowy fabric is another creative detail.

#2 – Hazy Blue

Like I said before, ruffles is something we saw a lot on this collection and here they are again on shoulders of the dress. It’s pretty much a mini dress in soft hazy blue shades that also has a Cape or a fabric trail in the back. The color is something that excite me , because it’s not too vibrant. Another beautiful headpiece decorates the model’s head.

#3 – Fairy

Is it the model’s complexion? Her fair skin? The dress? All of them combined? Maybe, because this whole look reminds me of a fairy walking on the catwalk. The drape shoulders and low neckline along with the prominent waist and the hazy silve-blue endings of the dress and the proper lighting just adds to the whole fairy look. This is fairytale in fashion.

#4- The Hot Villain

I was actually between this title and a Kim Kardashian West one, because this is something she would have worn. A dress fit for a lady, with low triangle shaped neckline and tiny silver belt for giving more shape to the dress. The lines that are part of the dress’ s design also give shape to the model wearing it. With the right silver sandals and accessories we have a dress for a hot villain in our hands.

Are you in love with Saab as much as I am? I am sure you share the appreciation after this collection. A couture collection that has strong bridal elements on it gives another bridal option for any girl who wants something different.


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