Down the memory lane|Memories from fashion school

Few words about a past era

It’s been almost a year since I have finished my education course at Pansik Scuola Di Moda, in which I studied all about fashion management. I miss it at times, but then again time goes on and we need to move along with it. The time spent being taught about the technical side of fashion industry was truly one of the very best.

It all started as a joke. After the gap year I took after graduating high school, my sister urged me to pursue my fashion instead of following a career that would have more money. You see, at times, you’ve got to follow a path that’s totally new to you. A path that might seem dangerous in the beginning, yet it’s the dangerous paths that lead us to the more interesting times and places in our lives.

When my diploma arrived (just a couple of weeks ago – this sparked my interest in writing this post)Β  it was the confirmation that I was expecting to close that chapter in my life. In fashion school, I got to meet the most interesting people, the ones that filled me with their life lessons and experiences. Someone told me once that you got to surround yourself with inspiring, successful people if you want to be successful yourself. The people I surrounded myself during that time were more than just inspiring.

Those people. like greek blogger Elena Galifa, the PR person and blogger Roula Karpouzli, the amazing greek designer Vassilis Zoulias and so many more that shared their life experiences, their knoweledge and made sure to show us all kinds of paths we can follow in the fashion industry. I feel lucky and blessed to have been in the presence of such life changing people.




And the friendships I created? Oh, they were so important to me. In life it should be our goal to get to know as many people as possible. The diversity, the diferent opinions, personalities, looks, ambitions – they all taught me how important it is to have multiple point of views, and how we are not the same and that’s a good thing. Diferent is good. Diferent is exciting.


During my time in Fashion Management I also got to go and participate on many fashion related projects. I was part of the Athen’s fashion week production, backstage at multiple fashion shows during and out of the fashion week, I was taught how hasty and nerve wrecking things can get during shows and the importance of taking deep breaths and handling hard and challenging situation with a smile.


I also got to cover Athen’s Exclusive Fashion week which was one of the most important experiences in my life. Why? Well, to be honest, I learned how to cover a fashion show, what takes place there and what parts I need to be aware of. The pleasure I got the moment my articles were released on Manos Gerakinis’s platform Closet on the Go was indescribable. I guess, my presence on the internet and me writing about all things I am passionate about, especially the fashion related ones, is my calling in life. Writing is my calling and blogging is my way to do it. Fashion school taught me that, I guess my teachers did a good job and showed me the way, the moment I didn’t know where to turn.


Obviously, I am way too ambitious to stop there. Fashion school was the beginning, because in my mind I already have planned out where I wish to go. This journey does not end here, and I am on my way to the top by working my way up. I know I will have to work hard, push myself and even – maybe – go back to f. school to study another course.

Whatever my next step might be I know one thing for sure… This doesn’t end here.Β 



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