#NYFW | Ready – to – wear Autumn 2018 | Calvin Klein

This is the type of ready-to – wear collection that you have to go over twice to fully grasp the idea and feeling behind it.

Although, I have never met him ( unfortunately), I take Raf Simons to be the kind of designer who likes to play and bend fashion rules. You know, the kind of creator who respects his profession as an artist and honors it. He proved how far he can “see” when it comes to fashion with his most recent collection in this year’s New York Fashion Week. Basically, what we saw in this collection was trends that are already hot, but in a very modernised way.

Oversized and layering are still proving to be trends that will dominate all of our styles and wardrobes, and the Calvin Klein brand showed us ways to achieve proper layering with class and style. Truth be told, layering can be quite a challenge when you don’t match your clothes carefully.

We saw outfits in icy colors, few pastels, mostly in white, creme and grey. What managed to draw my attention was the fact the designer used metallic/ aluminium details in both clothes and accessories. It was that minor detail that I liked very much and added a different kind of flare to the entire collection.

A future era of dynamic clothes,powerful combinations and modern vibes.

Boots is another trend that is heading to be a must for this season,especially the over the knee ones. You want to be in style? Buy a pair.

Generally, it all seemed a bit futuristic, but I like the fact that it kind of looked a bit unconventional. It excites me when people take a classic piece and modernise it in such way that betrays their talent. A collection that was fresh, different and straight up from the future. A new era in ready to wear has begun and Calvin Klein invites us in it.


#1 – Leopard on fleek


Even when cold you need to be stylish and presentable. Raf Simons offers you a very stylish proposal for the cold days and that include leopard pattern, lots of layers and over the knee boots. So beautifully put together, the result is this ‘fire fighter suit’ gone stylishly wide. 

#2 – The Hipster Guy


I don’t know about you, but everything hipster intrigues me. I am not exactly a fan of the ‘hipster style’,but I must say that I am fascinated by the way this style is taking over the younger generation and the combinations those people do with their clothes. This particular one draw my attention, mostly because of the straight line shirt and the pointy boots that appear below. I would wear them, no doubt.

#3 – The Hipster Chick


The Hipster guy found his match. A very well put together alteration of the hipster style, transformed for the female who loves style. This also reminds me a modernized version of a french girls’ outfits, with the straight shirt all buttoned up and cute over the knee pale white boots that hug so loose and beautifully the icy colored pair of trousers. Isn’t nice?

#4 – Power Suit 


Raf Simons takes the classic power suit and transforms it into something so much more than a typical lady office outfit. He adds the proper accessories, like the over the elbow gloves and over the knee boots and the splits the pants into a shorter  dress. At the same time he manages to keep the power of the outfits and the class it holds. 

Truth be told, I wasn’t overall too excited with this particular ready-to-wear collection. It was a bit too much for my taste, and I would probably wear one piece at the time, provided they were matched to fit and be more into my style. However, I liked the whole vibe this collection had and I liked the power and style it had in each outfit. It was very modern, with new lines and colors that drifted apart from the classic pastel color palette that most designers used in the most recent collections.

A fresh air of modernity, because that’s what Calvin Klein is all about.


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