#NYFW |Ready-to-wear Autumn 2018|Carolina Herrera

When it comes to ready-to-wear I believe that we all look for designers and their collections that are leaning more into the simplicity side of style. We all look for pieces that can easily be worn, while matching our style. As women we want elegance and class to be a key ingredient in our outfits.

Thankfully, Carolina Herrera has the right taste and designing skills to satisfy our fashion skills. With elegant designs, simple color palettes that move from monochrome black and white to more vibrant colors, and lines that are loose and attractive on every woman – Carolina Herrera is here to offer to her audience the right pieces to own their lives with sense of fashion.

I loved this collection with all my heart. For me, it was possibly what I was looking for in this fashion week, a collection with designs that don’t resemble Haute Couture, but rather are classy but at the same time practical and wearable by every woman who wants to take over the world with style.


#1 – Respect the coat


I am in no way obsessed with coats, yet this particular one made me drool. Literally. A winter coat longer than usual, resembles a dress or gown, paired with the proper booties – this is the outfit every powerful woman needs. Warm, classy, dark colored and practical for running errands with style and poise. Do you need something more? I don’t think so!

#2 – Conservative-ly Corrupted


To  be honest, I was looking for a title to express exactly the whole essence of this look. At first sight, it looks almost conservative, low profile, nothing extravagant except for the pattern on the shirt. Yet, you move downwards and you see the long slit on the side of the midi skirt and you know that not all hope is lost. It really has a Parisian vibe in this New York collection, it has this grace and ‘conservativity’ (if that’s even a word) we are so used to seeing in Paris, yet it has the booties and slit of the skirt that’s a clear New York style. A very adjustable outfit.

#3 – Magnificent 


An inch above the elbow sleeves that make the top part look like an umbrella. Dark colored with a hint of pale white and blue to make an impression. Booties tall enough to cover the length of the dress. Is this an ideal dress for day and night? I think so! It looks incredible from the design to the color and the vibe it emits. Imagine seeing this girl walking your way, wouldn’t you be dazzled? 

#4 – Not just a scarf


Who says that a scarf must only be worn around the neck? Carolina Herrera proves that there are plenty of ways to use the scarf, including putting it around the neck and inside the jacket, thus creating the illusion there’s a blouse underneath even if you wear nothing under your jacket. I found this idea very inspiring and creative. The power suit that is now defining the woman of this generation is taking different images and forms. 

Carolina Herrera did not stop there, she also provided her audience with outfits that include vibrant color for the ones who want to enjoy life by daring to dress in orange or yellow. Thank god, for Herrera’s creativity and designing ability, because this collection was magnificent. Wouldn’t you say it was?


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