#NYFW | Ready-to-wear Autumn 2018 | Anna Sui

You expect a lot from an accomplished designer like Anna Sui.

Trully, you expect a lot from any designer who has created a name, a reputation and history surrounding his/her name. Anna Sui is no different. She is talented, creative, with a passionate heart and imagination when it comes to fashion. She is truly remarkable and has a very interesting style.

I love her fashion shows, her ready-to-wear collections always intrigue me and I like analyzing each and every design. To be honest, I often like to go over past collections and see how she styled each look. What accessories she chose, how she put together the clothes, what pieces and with what patterns she designed and dressed each model. Yes, I have a soft spot for Anna Sui.

This collection of hers, I must say, took me back a few years. You see, the last few months all we see is trend after trend coming back from past decades. Some remain the same and others get accostomed to the time we are living. In this collection, we saw plenty of color, patterns, layers – it made me think that maybe Anna Sui took the 70s-80s (perhaps) and transformed them just so they would look up to date with the current fashion.

What’s the curret fashion you may ask? Why, of course, plenty of color, patterns mixed together and layers in both women and menswear.

The colors in this collection are deeply vibrant, if that even makes sense, and the patterns are mixed together in an armonizing way. Nothing looks too much or out of the ordinary. Honestly, the entire collection simply looks like the 80s are walking towards 2018. Check out my favorite looks below and you will see what I mean!


#1 – The Classy Side

Bella Hadid walking for Anna Sui is quite a view, and wearing such an outfit simply elevates the show. I like the way there is a shiny piece of clothings ( could be a dress, could be a pair of pants), in red and specks of electric blue underneath that magnificent deep red coat. Maybe, the coat isn’t red, at least not just red. It’s deeper, darker, more mysterious and it harmonizes perfectly and evens out the contrast between the shiny part and the matte one. The accessories? Matching and an added bonus to the entire look.

#2 – Walking 80s

This is definetely an 80s look. It’s not just the typical pattern, it’s also the general design that was seen so much during the 80s. Don’t get me wrong, I like it very, very much because it’s a classic piece that with the right “designer work” turned out to be ‘ the cutest outfit’ as the Kardashians would have said. I like how the glasses also have red details to blend with the entire red and black look. Beautiful!

#3 – Powerfully Sassy

The way the model walks around the catwalk with this outfit is unique and adds flare and sassiness to the entire look. Black and yellow( turns orange )shade, blend very well together and they are the right amount and placed very artistfully on the design. Black midi skirt with orange finishing patterned touches, black detailed tights and for once, not pumps, look mighty fine with the c-through blouse – that I must say looks very classy – and the fur jacket draped around her arms. A lady with poise, that’s the type of woman this look belongs to.

#4 – Power Woman of the 80s

Fishnets are a thing these days, though, I am not quite sure I am a fan. This is a very good use of it, with those classic pumps and the green colored coat and dress. Usually, dresses don’t have pockets, only the ones that aim to be more utilitarian, which means that this dress might be very stylish and , in my opinion,very french like but it’s not meant to be worn for a coffee strall. This is a dress for one of those confident and stylish women, capable to take over the world with their ability to turn the situation around. This is the kind of woman I want to be, this is the kind of outfit woman like us should wear.

Anna Sui, once again, proved how capable she is to bring past fashion to present times with a twist and impeccable grace.

Wonderful collection, wonderful designer, wonderful times!


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