#NYFW | Ready-to-wear Autumn 2018| Nanushka

This Hungarian brand stole my heart and I have no problem not taking it back!

If we want to be honest here most people prefer more subtle clothing pieces. Patterns and vibrant colors are great and attract the audience, but in daily life not many people would choose to go out dressed as a catwalk model.

Thankfully, there is this lovely brand who aims to bring ease and confidence back to the women with more neutral colored outfits – which I loved, especially on their recent read-to-wear collection for New York Fashion Week. This brand works with the basics, anything basic to be exact and it looks so fresh, modern and above all , practical.

Yes, it looks like functionality is a big thing for Nanushka, and they have managed to create and launch outfits, and seperately clothing pieces, that are very easily matched – thanks to their neutral colors. We do not see many layers as we’ve seen on other collections of this fashion week, we don’t have a lot of mixed/matched patterns and to be honest with you, I believe that they are aiming to create clothes that we often see on “street style”.


#1 – Show some class

I like how casual this silky blouse looks on this outfit. Silk is by definition a very classy material in fashion, thus it’s not easily turned into something less fancy and more casual. Yet, this outfits manages to even things out between fancy and comfort.

#2 – Lady in red

This is basically the kind of fancy dress all women should have in their closet. The top is like a typical t-shirt, the design is very simple, but from the waist down it is modernized in a very fashionable waist. I like the twist in the middle instead of using a belt, it shows creativity. I also think it’s on a very comfortable length, not too long and not too short, it’s the midi length that is just right.

#3 – Leave out all the rest ( that’s an order )

Focus all your attention on those fantastic pair of pants. Don’t look and don’t pay attention to anything else, because that’s exactly what I did. They are flowy, dark, patterned and oh! so beautiful. You can mix and match it with, basically, anything from a crop top to whatever color shirt of t-shirt. This is the kind of basic pants any organized women’s closet needs to have in.

#4 – For utilitarian purposes

You know, simplicity always impresses – keep that in mind, Chanel also said it herself, but not exactly using those words. A cozy sweater can elevate your outfit and style in general with the right pair of pants. Nanushka gives you an option right here! The main twist on this look is the styling, the way the sweater is placed and modeled is what actually makes it so good. This is definetely ‘street style material’.

Nanushka has successfuly turned into one of my favourite brands, because of how well it manages to combine two of my favorite elements. Comfort and simplicity. The ‘ at ease’ vibe I get makes me feel very confident, even if I am not wearing those outfits… yet.


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