Let’s be honest here, nobody believes those #nofilter pictures any more.

Although, as a hashtag #nofilter can attract many likes and follows, mainly on Instagram, I don’t think many of us are sincere about it anymore. When you take a well posed picture you just can’t resist “playing” with the exposure, the light and even your skin tone– and truthfully, none of us is truly satisfied by Instagram’s filters. We want something more; and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Who doesn’t want to look good, any way ? Sure, there are people who don’t particularly care and I,honestly, admire them for it, but a large percentage of earth’s population is concerned about his/her social image.

If you log into your Google play store right now you will see dozens of apps promising you filters that are bound to give your photo exactly the vibe you are aiming for.

Me? I have definitely tried more than 4 (okay 6…okay 10…okay a lot more than 10) of those apps and I have concluded that Adobe and Vsco are the best apps that work for me by far!! VSCO is actually the one that is currently my favourite, especially when it comes to Instagram.

I’ve done a thorough research and I’ve narrowed down the filters that I love and are closer to the general vibe I want my insta page to have. And what is that you ask?

Fun, sunny, clean and classy!


Clean / Soft / Sharp / Smooth


Vintage / Classy / Neural / Balanced

HB1 & HB2

Soft / Fade / Smooth /Sharp


Bright / Vibrant / Summer-ly


Colorful / Vibrant / Playful

C1 & C2

Vibrant / Colorful / Summer-ly / Californian

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