#NYFW | Ready-to-wear Autumn 2018 | Michael Kors

Some designers choose to ‘dress up’ fall with colours in their most vibrant shades and decorate them with patterns, while others opt for a more standard, dark, monochrome colors aiming for that classy simplicity. Michel Kors belongs to the designers who feel like adding some color in our boring lives.

His collection for New York’s ready-to-wear Autumn 2018 Fashion week broke all standards and was like a fun break through the general darkness.

Although, I’m the type of person who would rarely wear something vibrant and I am telling the truth when I say I don’t own a lot of color ful clothes, I kind of expected, in the beginning, this color ful collection to be a bit tacky – I couldn’t be more wrong . As I live and work in fashion I learn and Kors’s collection was a big lesson. Michael Kors, in my opinion , decided to make a much needed difference and teach us all how far mixing and matching can go.

A bold, playful and apparently youthful collection to break all rules and standards, thus making its owner proud. Far from moody and even boring, this ready-to-wear collection was really intense. Yes, that’s the proper word to describe it all… intense.


#1- Playing with plaid

Not many people dare to mix and match patterns. There are things you need to consider when matching patterns and in fear that the finish product will be a failure, many choose to opt for more simple designs. Kors, however, decided that he is allowed to have fun and do whatever he wants with his creations. He pleasantly surprised me with the creation of this fantastic coat, which has both plaid and leopard as a pattern. Both patterns blend well, without looking cheap. The plaid bag is very chic and blends ( even in that color ) with the entire vibe of this look.

#2 – Peekaboo

I am not sure who would be able to pull off that outfit, but I do know that I would like to give it a try. I love this military pattern, it has something dark and mysterious that attracts my eye and the way it fits to the body is rather interesting. I find it amazing how well and stylish it looks and it appears to be a sleeveless jacket matched with the same pattern of a hoodied sweatshirt. Classy goes sassy and vice versa. The black fabric skirt is a bonus to this whole outfit, it’s possibly Kors’s way to prove that you can dress like a model even while wearing a hoodie.

#3 – Woman of the garden

This reminds me a lot of a Zoulias dress ( he is an accomplished, worldwide known Greek designer -for the few of you who don’t know him). Winter floral is always attractive, the dress with its simplicity and innocence is an extra youthful breeze to this collection. Prominent waist, loose ends and the way the dress basically hugs the model’s curves is what makes this dress beautiful.

#4 – Faces

Work that walk, Bella Hadid!! This must be one of my favorite dresses from this collection and that’s all because of the faces on it. I mean, come on, let’s walk away from patterns we are so used to seeing ( florals, military, plaid ) and let’s try something new. Put a face on a dress. Add emotion. Add flare. Add passion.

Breaking that habit we all developed through the last collections, that if we are being honest all looked very similar to one another- Michael Kors is here to add that necessary spark. A spark that reminds us that fashion can be fun, can be vibrant, can be different, can be pretty and all experiments are allowed. Fashion is nothing if a way to set your mind and creativity free. A beautiful and stylish happy place.


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