#Storytime|Why I started blogging


The internet is filled with them.
You know it, I know it, we see it every day. Every couple of minutes there is a new blog online with fresh content, but not so different from the rest.

Through time blogs have been categorized and most people choose the kind of blog they want to have. Two types we all know for sure are: fashion and beauty blog and travel blog. People turn to those two categories to base their content, partly because those are possibly their passions and because those two blog categories offer amazing opportunities and good pay check (no judging, just stating some facts).

Back when I started experimenting with blogging, it was all about writing down on an online ‘paper’ your thoughts, feelings, experiences, opinions. It was, in a few words, a virtual diary that you got to share with the world ( provided you felt comfortable with it). I was still a teenager when I started blogging, feelings were all over the place, I was going through a rough puberty and I needed a place to just… write.

Writing was all too familiar to me since I always loved making up short stories as a child. When I was taught how to write, though, I transferred those stories to the paper and with technology’s evolution my words went to a computer and from that to the world.

I loved back in the days when all blogs had a personal touch in them. Call me a creep, but reading other people’s thoughts and “seeing” how they spend their days or life in general is very dear to me. That’s probably the reason why I started blogging in the first place.

To be honest, as I said before, I’ve been “working” on several types of blogs from my teenage years. I loved fashion, had no idea of what beauty really is, I wished to travel around, I had bottled up thoughts and feelings that I knew someday would choke me. I need my very own safe place, I guess. Somewhere, where I can still talk about fashion, play dress up, and share my thoughts and adventures as I grow up and discover the world.

As a young adult, your life is just starting to get interesting. You go to college, people come and go in your life, you try to find your place in the world, while having to face one challenge after the other. Now, many people think they are alone to this, but I guess a life blog is an online proof that life is not all fun and games. If you really feel like sharing your life (both good and bad side) then you might have to share some of your roughest times. And if you manage to get a good feedback out of this whole thing, a partnership with some company, if you make a decent pay check (because this is the world we live in) then that’s an added bonus.

My goal every time I attempt to blog “correctly” is mainly to create my own safe place where I can be myself and share what I love doing, or what I have to say with the world. This choice becomes a dream and the dream a need. I need to, at least, have one place that’s just for me.

My studies in fashion management added that creative flare that I guess my blog lacked. Nowadays, I get to be as much as a fashion freak I want and nobody says a thing because I even have a degree on it. Yes, that’s right, I’m a licensed fashion freak.

Blogs now can have a thousand different widgets and contents. You can create a blog diary to share your life’s story or a fashion blog to share your wardrobe, or a food blog to share your recipes. Limitless options and opportunities. That’s what I love about blogging and has me so addicted – it doesn’t limit you in any way. Blogging let’s you be yourself, set yourself free and uncover layers of yourself may have – it helps you, ushers you, to try new stuff, be creative and have the type of content you (might even) wished to see more online.

That’s ultimately what I’m doing here. I’m here to create my own content, the type I want to see more out there. I’m here to share all the things I am and I love with you through every way I can! So, my fellow internet friends, this is my very own creation and my hope is that you enjoy reading my posts just as much as I enjoy writing and uploading them.

Here’s to doing what we love. Here’s to putting effort in our dreams. Here’s to chasing our future. Here’s to making a difference.

Here’s to all of us.



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