#LFW | Ready-to-wear Autumn 2018 | Alexa Chung

Fashion world’s favorite IT girl is back on the spotlight to show us how talented and creative she really is. With a very style- approachable collection she left London with a taste of what Autumn is going to be like for her.

Little to no accessories, loose and professional cuts, comfortable and casual combinations,basically, looks you see every day on street style by any woman who feels like wearing something stylish instead of putting on a show for the people’s eye. This collection is for all of those fashion busiest women, who manage to run the fashion world while looking fresh and feeling comfortable. Alexa Chung was one of them for a lot of time, still is apparently, and wants to create looks that all those women can wear in their workplace.

She based her shades on colors like red and khakis, while she played with denim materials and the length of each design. Chung’s collection was based on small twists and nothing extraordinary. I’ll even go as far to say that she might even be playing it a little safe.

I would probably re-match few of her looks if I wanted to wear them and make them more suitable for my own style. Can’t deny,though, that she honoured the true meaning of ready-to-wear collections and has designed looks that are wearable any time of day.

I guess being the busiest IT girl out there taught her a lot.


#1- Professionally Fashionable

I have a thing for overalls, but especially denim overalls can steal my heart. That’s why I loved this look, because overalls can be a total outfit without having to worry about matching and because they have this lovely 90s vibe that’s so trending right now. However, I don’t really like that suit jacket over the outfit, it might be a good idea, but personally I think it takes away that cool vibe I felt this look could have. The shoes are alright, although they could also look great if they were heels instead of low booties.

#2- Routine

At the busiest of days we all just put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and then we’re on our way. Alexa Chung, though, gave us different styling option and a way for the most classic combination of all to change a bit and have some stylish flare. She took a t-shirt one or two sizes bigger and threw under it a white shirt. What’s the big deal? But, of course,the way the shirt’s sleeves are being tucked up in fringes, thus making the outfit look so much more than a typical t-shirt and jeans kind of look.

#3- Awed

Okay, I liked this outfit. I liked it a whole lot. Is it the print? The fact that’s a bra instead of a blouse? The fact that every thing matches? Did my OCD affect me on this one?I don’t know, I can’t be sure, but I do know that this is an amazing outfit and I am in awe. There’s nothing provocative, even the length of the skirt is church-appropriate, except maybe from the bra ( which I have not problem with), and the jacket is a very ladylike choice for such a look. Although, the jacket reminds me a bit of the timeless Chanel jacket, let’s be honest here… What kind of designer Chanel hasn’t inspired ?

#4- A 90s lead actress vibe

Do you feel like you’ve seen this kind of dress before ? I think I’ve seen a well known actress wearing it back in the 90s. That doesn’t mean I don’t like it. It actually means that I find it very fitting for this season, because after all 90s trends are all coming back. It has a very basic length below the knee, making it a bit modest (especially Since the model is wearing booties with heels that cover her ankles). The cleavage is square, geometrical, very precise. I also like the deep blue color shade that magnetize the eye and the lacy fabric that falls and dresses the entire clothing almost like second skin.

Alexa Chung has always been a great and creative person, she has an eye for fashion, and although, I might not agree with all her stylist choices and options, I can’t disagree that’s something fresh in fashion. Her Parisian meets a New Yorker air that is evident on her designs make her the fresh multicultural designer we expect a lot from… possibly.


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