They say the main point in life is to try to get better each day, each week, each month, each year.

This sentence has become my everyday motto these days, mainly because I just finished reading some pretty powerful books about being determined to do great things and improve your life in various aspects. Yes, I am going through that phase that I am doing everything I can think of to improve my life, my health and my mentality above all.

In the middle of all this is my blog. I’ve said before that this blog is my proud and joy, my own creation and in a way, my own safe place in this world. Having a place where you can be yourself, share with the world things that motivate you, your hobbies, your adventures and most importantly your thoughts, is what makes me feel better in the end of a very hasty day.

These days I am constantly busy between work and trying to keep up with uploading posts about the past fashion weeks in Paris, New York, Milan and London, while also making sure that I share some pretty personal stuff with all of you and trying to arrange photo shoots for my upcoming LOOKS posts. Every day is a busy day for me and my schedule is pretty much full, but I really wanted to take these few moments to prepare you for a very big, but lovely change on Vivacious – the life blog.

You see, for a while I have been trying to find the right layout for my blog. I wanted something personal, something chic, calm and a bit professional if that’s possible. That’s why this past month the majority of time I am browsing and talking with people about changing up the blog’s layout.

I just wanted to ‘prepare’ you a bit and let you know that within a month ( or worst case scenario two months) the blog is going to go under a grand re-invention. I have already come up with a couple of ideas and themes I liked and I am currently working on them.

My goal is to make this blog more to my taste, less like an indifferent site and more like a ‘home-y’ blog. It’s a big deal for me, my excitement is over the roof and once you see the final product I am sure you will be too.

Just hang in there, like I do, and get ready for something great! Like everything in life this blog is being upgraded in the best way possible, a work in progress is what this blog is right now.

Thank you for your time and support!
We’ll talk soon!


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