#LFW | Ready-to-wear Autumn 2018 | Christopher Kane

Let’s just say that not many people are okay with talking freely about subjects – often viewed to others as sensitive, such as sex.

Christopher Kane, however, had absolutely no problem talking about this subject to the world and promoting love, sex and raw sexual emotion. In London’s Fashion Week, Kane let out his sexual instincts in fashion. Revealing and provocative dresses, a lot of skin and c-through materials were used. Even the word γ€Š sex 》 was used as a logo in one of his designs. Apparently, Kane wanted to be very clear about the message his collection wanted to share.

Make love not war, maybe ?

I am not sure which designs are most likely to be worn in daily life. I liked, however, the meaning of this collection and don’t think that sex should be a subject closed for designer. Raw sexual appetite, emotions, lust – love is not only pure romance and roses. Passionately is part of romance.


#1 – Erotic

What I loved about this look is how it subtly let’s the imagination run a bit wild. It’s not as revealing and provocative one would have thought, but the small portions of skin visible to the eye on the entire look makes up for it. It’s sexy, inviting and erotic – to be honest, I wouldn’t mind seeing it on street style.

#2 – Girly Mettalic

Mettalic is a crazily popular trend right now. It was very well received in every runway and apparently, ready-to-wear is also a fan of it. This particular one caught my attention from the start. I loved the volume of the design on the shoulders and its short length. The black lace underneath the Mettalic shade and pattern, also interested me. They paired it like I would, with talk boots, I would even go as far as putting it with over the knee black or red or silver coloured boots. Why? Because it would be that eccentric and that fashionable.

#3 – Shiny Coal

This is not a dress. Obviously, this look ( this suit type of outfit ) requires fashion sense and bravery. You need to be completely cool, a proper fashion icon, to be able to pull off its shiny details and the fur balls on it. Personally, I believe it’s very chic, it has this dark shade that I love – even if it’s spring – and the shiny details, like diamonds, are an imaginative plus. A shiny silver flare for a dark look

#4 – Let’s talk about sex

I might have went a bit over the top when I chose this, but I actually found it very interesting. Sure, it’s not something you’d see on the street and it does look like something Lady Gaga would have worn if she wanted to go bold and daring. However, I found the skin tone shade of it very interesting and a big bonus were the furry strands, they’re a very creative idea for a dress (I sure hope it’s synthetic). The naked woman is, indeed, rather daring,but hey, this is fashion and fashion is all about bravery and expression.

Overall, Christopher Kane’s collection seemed to me like his way of showing to his audience that there is this sexual side of romance. A side we seem to remember in reality, but to avoid when it comes to fashion. I don’t know what message he wanted to share with the world, but I will stick to the old, timeless one….

Make love, not war!


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