#LFW | Ready-to-wear Autumn 2018 | Mary Katratzou

There’s something modern and unique about Mary Katratzou’s ready-to-wear collection that really caught my eye. In the beginning, I thought it was just the fact it has very neutral colors with few twists when it comes to patterns – and that’s something I really like in ready-to-wear collections. I like basic and wearable designs and I am happy to see that this collection, although it had its basic elements it also had splashes of colors adjusted in a very modern way.

It may sound bazaar, but when I went over this collection I thought that what I was essentially seeing were paintings translated into fashion. Go ahead, go and watch this collection online and tell me that more than three clothes did not strike you as classical paintings. Landscapes, colors, details – I am telling you we saw an art show more than a fashion one.

Is that a bad thing? Of course not. On the contrary, Katratzou showed us that art and ready-to-wear fashion are way closer than we think.


#1 – Check mate

I love this pattern! Personally, I believe that this chess game pattern is very trendy and flattering. I love how it has a prominent waist and uneven cuts, and also if you look closely the pattern is also uneven. It really is a powerful, business suit – however, it’s nice that it doesn’t have to be black or any other dark color to look professional. My only objection, or more like a question.

What’s the deal with those shoes?

#2 – The Vintage Coat

Clearly what I LOVED about this outfit is its vintage vibe. Whenever I look at such vintage vibe patterns it reminds me of old outfits from my grandmother and my mother, but also from the 60’s magazines I once found into my grandmother’s home. Almost all of them had this kind of puffy coat, with classic geometrical pattern, a bit oversized and of course matched with a dress. Much like this one. This time I have no objection to the shoes, because they are perfectly harmonized with the entire outfit. No accessories are needed – the outfit does not lack intensity or style.


#3 – Greek Style Innovation

From the minute I saw this dress it took me almost a year back. Although, the color and pattern is definitely not the same, I still got reminded of the time when I was learning about Ancient Greece’s fashion. Women used to wear this kind of dress in white and gold – basically it was a sheet wrapped around them in fabulous and practical way. I understand that this is no sheet, but the way the dress fits the model, someone could easily assume that this is in honour of Greek designs. Off shoulders and with a strand around the neck, prominent waist and volume on the hips to magnify the models curves – this is what those Greek gowns would look like today. A modern day Greek fashion innovation. Daring detailed pattern, geometrical cleavage, loose and airy, I liked this dress because it has that ‘golden something’ that’s close to my taste.

In my opinion, Mary Katratzou played with geometry and colors. She translated, in her own artistic and creative way, paintings and math into fashion. That’s common in fashion design, but it’s always interesting to see how each artist chooses to do it.

Promising artist, is a title I would personally give to this designer.


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