Fly me to the roof | Styling my plaid shirt

Yes, I had to make my friends photo shoot me on the roof just so I could use this title!

There are a few basic clothing items that anyone needs to have in their closet. At times, depending on a person’s life, clothes tend to be the same for women and men as well. For example, every man needs or already has in his closet a few plaid shirts. That is because plaid shirts are a clothing category on their own, classic and wearable they are a main item we all need to go through life.

True story: I own more than a few ( and I’m not a man).

This is my latest purchase on a plaid shirt. No, I didn’t need one, I just thought it will look so good with jeans or leggings and a pair of ankle boots. (Styling tip!)

Yes, I tend to match every clothing I buy in my head to make sure I can actually wear it without looking like a clown.

This shirt has two splits on both sides, so you can tie a knot to the front and give it style. Also, at the back is a bit longer, creating a small tail that covers your bum. That’s why I told you this will be perfect with leggings ( styling advice ) .

It was a bit chilly that day,so I opted for some jeans instead of leggings. By rolling up both ends of the jeans I made sure my black booties were visible.

As you can see, I didn’t exactly experiment with this look. I believe that most girls are looking for casual, easy, classic and timeless looks that can get them through the day. After all, you don’t have to dress up in bright colors and unimaginable combinations to be stylish or in fashion .

The best fashion choices are the ones that seem very plain. For example, a midi black dress, white sneakers and a denim jacket. Sounds boring? Thing again! (Coming soon on the blog… )

Another great styling option is wearing it with a pair of leather pants. Keep in mind that leather is one of the hottest pieces in any wardrobe and adds a dangerous- mysterious- edgy flare to any look. A pair of pumps can also elevate the look. (Styling tip!)

When it comes to fashion you can always go both ways. Experiment with it when you feel courageous. Throw on some bright pants with it, statement accessories and declare yourself your very own fashion icon – or you can opt for more casual option that will be practical for you and wearable enough to get you through a hasty day with style. Keep in mind that nowadays our lives are almost always on the run, so it’s only natural we need inspiration looks that are comfortable and practical.

Don’t knock the practical flare out! Trust me!

Wondering where did my outfit come from?

Shirt: Bershka – Basic Line

Jeans: Bershka

Boots: Local Shop

Leather jacket: Zara

Another look has been completed! Kisses until the next one!

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