90s Jeans I would wear

Fashion (and its trends) move into circular motion . Trends are coming and going all the time and every trend can be presumed ugly until a designer or a stylist decides it’s not. Most of the time trends make their comeback with different names or altered a bit to fit in with modern times.

For example, when it comes to jeans we have a lot to say, since 90s fashion loved this clothing piece. Now, in 2018, jeans and everything denim material really, is back and hotter than ever. Mama jeans, boyfriend jeans, ripped and washed out – jeans have, nowadays, their own style significance. We can’t overlook the fact spring-summer 2018 collections made sure to include all kinds of denim designs. It must be the most standard trend yet.

Personally, I am a bit picky when it comes to jeans. I rarely wear them in colors other than fade blue or black; and I like knowing and seeing that each pair has its very own character. I own no more than two regular (plain – basic) ones, the rest of my jeans are washed out or ripped on the knees, high waisted , and the majority of them skinny ( although, I must say I just started experimenting with boyfriend jeans.

I like classic cuts, chic twists and character when it comes to my jeans, because it’s a piece I wear daily and on various occasions, so I want them to be stylish without having to over-accessorize to give them style.

That’s why I roamed the web and my favourite brands that have a “degree” on jeans and I found the best jeans that we all want and need in our closet.

Before I dive into them, however, here’s a few styling tips when it comes to casually wearing jeans:

  1. High waisted washed out jeans look amazing and totally 90s style when worn with shirts that are tied into cute cowboy knots on the front of the body.
  2. The safest choice for a classic pair of jeans is to wear it either with a white t-shirt or a graphic tee and a denim jacket over it.
  3. Denim on denim is very popular as a trend these days. Don’t be afraid to match your jeans with your favourite denim shirt.
  4. Avoid wearing oversized hoodies with baggy jeans. The combination as you can imagine is not ideal and you will end up looking like a tomboy.
  5. Your blazer will always look good when matched with jeans and a t-shirt. That casual, professional, French vibe will always be graceful and street style appropriate.


From Levis, American Eagle, Juicy Couture

Levi’ s Women’s Jeans
Levi’s Unisex Jeans
American Eagle Jeans
American Eagle Jegging
Juicy Couture Bootcut Jean

Click on the images to see full product description, prices, materials based on each brand’s offered informations.

Here they are, my lovely fashionistas. These are the modern days 90s style jeans I like from brands I know and trust. Surely,there are plenty more out there, but that’s for another post.

Thanks for reading!

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