A blogger’s law of evolution

Darwin helped us understand that all things and creatures follow the law of evolution and through time, to put it simply, become better and more skillful. Capable to adjust at the environment they currently are and face possible dangers with the “weapons” nature has graciously given them.

The same law applies to every creature, every person, every situation and in this case, in every blog.

You see, you need to start from scratch and work your way to the top. Instant perfection of a blog does not exist, because like all things, it takes time. Time to become better, time to learn how things opperate and upgrade them the best way possible, according to a person’s skills and abilities.

It wasn’t long ago when I posted a small text about upcoming changes on the blog. Changes like the theme, the url, the layout. I believe it was something I just had to do since I am figuring out what I like having in my blog and how it shows to the public. I am aiming for my own personal perfection for this blog, but I do know it will take time.

This upgrade was a rather serious one. I got my own domain name, which is a very important step for any site-owner, I purchased and worked a bit on my new theme and my blog’s banner. Did you check the blog banner? Surely, it’s not a professional’s work, but I did put a lot of effort into both designing it and making it fit into the general vibe of the blog. Clean, cut, geometrical and modern with a bit color. Just like my life, to be honest.

I am not sure if you like it, although, you must admit that it’s so much better than the last one. This seems more like a blog and that was my goal. I’ve said before that all I wanted was my own “place” on the internet, so it’s only natural that I try to customize it according to my taste. My taste is very particular: I like practical things and when it comes to my site, I like features that are easy to use and figure out. No point into actually trying to fugure out how to read a blog, is there?

I also changed the site’s identity logo. I felt that the clean cut and modern logo with the double arrows was more to my minimalist, chic and modern style. What do you think? In my opinion, it does need a bit work, but I think it will do for now. After all, I still have plenty of things to fix here, that one included.

For now, these are the changes I wanted to make to take this site a step further. In life we must keep moving, we must taking small steps to unknown directions and hope things will turn out for the best, no matter the difficulties and naughty obstacles we may find on our way. I am walking through life with this blog and with all of you following me and reading my posts about fashion weeks, my life adventures, read my thoughts and see my looks.

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Are you interested?

Thanks for reading!

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