#BeautyStories | How I cured my acne

Every girl dreams of having a smooth,clear, almost flawless skin, but it takes a lot of effort to achieve it.

Growing up I almost never remember my face being clean. Now that I think about it, I remember I always had a pimple to fight or a scar to make disappear and I dreamt about the day I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

A year ago, I visited a local, well accomplished dermatologist and asked for his help, because curing my, what appeared to be, acne was suddenly my number one priority. I felt that it was time for me to start taking care of myself and appreciate what I have.

There’s one thing my dermatologist made me swear I’ll always do in my life every night and that is : take off my make up before going to bed.

Your face should be make up free before going to sleep. I know, it takes a lot of time when all you want to do is tucked into bed. However, you must never go to sleep with a face full on make up, because your skin won’t be able to “breathe” and you will most likely wake up with red spots here and there.

#Tip Since I’m pretty lazy when it comes to removing my make up I tried to find a cleansing product that’s fast and effectiveI found that a Gel Cleanser does wonders at taking off every ounce of make up from my face.

How does it work? On a wet face rub gently some gel cleanser on (I personally use one from L’oreal) and then wash it off with lots of water. Do it every night before bed.

However, the trickiest part is removing your mascara. Oh, the horror! Thankfully, I’ve also found a Gel (from NIVEA) that takes all my mascara off my lashes no matter how much I’ve applied onto them.

#Tip Never rub the area around (and within of course) the eyes.
The skin there is very thin and can be damaged very easily. Gently (with a piece of cotton) rub the gel to the lashes and repeat it for a few minutes.


Golden rule! Always use moisturizer and a good day and night cream. Because my time is precious ( and again I’m lazy) I found face creams that include moisturizer in their synthesis.

Day and night creams are, also, highly important. I use the one from FREZYDERM as suggested by my dermatologist.

What do you use?

Those are the basic steps of how I cured my acne. By removing my make up every night, putting my day and night creams, avoid touching my face without having washed my hands – I managed that way to cure my acne. Simple as that.

Keep in mind that this is the way it worked for me and I’m not a specialist to offer you professional advice on how and it works for you.

Visit your dermatologist to get professional help for every skin condition you may have. Also, remember to check what type of skin you have (e.x oily) so you will choose the proper products for your skin type.

As for the products, the L’oreal cleanser worked better for me than the FREZYDERM’S one and yes, I’ve used them both. This is not a promotion, this is my honest opinion.

Our skin is very sensitive and needs our attention. Make sure you take good care of it by offering to it all the proper products to help it naturally glow and be healthy. Along with any product you might use take good care of your diet too, drink lots of water and notice how your skin starts clearing up and shining again.

Acne can be vicious, depending on its form. Mine wasn’t too bad, that’s why with those simple steps I was able to cure them in 3-4 months time. Now, my face is clean and shiny.

Just as it is supposed to be!

Thanks for reading!

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