Useful Tricks To Getting Things Done

Procrastination is a wide phenomenon affecting people of all age…

Every day we all make a mental list with all the things we have to do over the day. Chores around the house, chores out of the house, projects to finish, things to fix, people to call – the list goes on and on depending who you are and what your day is like.

At times, you wake up with a smile feeling highly energetic and ready to be productive. You might even write down that list, so you’ll be able to tick off every task you finish, with your coffee in your hand to give you more energy and keep you going. Nothing can stop you, you’re a machine filled with powerful fuel capable to run all day long, even if the planet was about to be invaded by aliens you might be on the first line fighting. You feel that good, that powerful – good for you.

On the other hand, though, not all days are the same. You are a human, after all, and it’s only natural to have those kind of days when you, literally, feel like pulling the covers over your head and staying in bed all day long doing nothing. You don’t always wake up with a smile on your face, ready to rule the world and that’s completely understandable.

Some part of your brain is trying to push you out of bed, reminding you of the long list of tasks you’ve got to complete by the end of the day. Yet, you can’t seem to push the covers off your face or log out of ฮ™nstagram for a few minutes. By now, if a meteor were to hit the earth, you wouldn’t care. Those days happen to me too. Although, I don’t have the luxury to stay in bed (unless it’s the weekend), because I’ve got to get to work and then I have posts to write and looks to choose to shoot and other very important life tasks – sometimes it’s just not that easy.

I know that I have to take advantage of the 24 hours the day is giving me, but there are those dark moments I catch myself scrolling through Instagram or Facebook or watching some Youtube videos that are not inspiring whatsoever. It’s happened to me before, plenty of time to be honest, and I knew I had to come up with an idea to put an end to that procrastination.

Want to hear my secret?

Of course you do, because you too are ambitious, but you’re also a human being that gets easily distracted. Let me help you get to the right path. I will be sharing with you some secrets (more like useful tricks) that helped me a lot become more energetic and way more productive than I used to be, while also putting an end to my endless procrastination.
Personally, I get very distracted wherever my phone is concerned. That’s why I had to change-up some things on the home page of my phone, to make sure that before I find myself doing all sorts of pointless things my brain would be alert that I have things to do.



Everybody wants an inspiring background on their phone or a sentimental picture that reminds them of their favorite moment or people. Before I put a picture of my closest friends on the background, I used to change my background to inspiring quotes every single week.

You can do this”

“Work for your dreams”

“Create a life you won’t need vacation from”

“Work hard”

“Your only limit is you”

Different, unique, inspiring quotes that I got to see every morning the minute I had my phone in my hands. Those quotes reminded me first thing in the morning that I am not going to sit around all day waiting for life to happen, for my dreams to come true out of the blue, for money to get to me without working. If I wanted to create a life I would be proud and happy of living, then procrastination was not in the plans. The minute I read one of those quotes (obviously there are thousands more like them) my brain would immediately get into working mode. I would push-off the covers of the bed and with a stretch I would run to the bathroom ready to start my day and make myself proud. I have no one to impress and satisfy other than myself.

Try it, change your background photo every week with a productive, inspiring quote and see your spirits being lifted and your brain positively working. It’s amazing what few words can make.



It’s no secret that I like making all sorts of lists. I always prepare my daily to-do list a day before, right before I get to bed. Sitting on my bed I log into either an app (there are plenty you can find on Google Store) or my phone’s notes and make a basic list of the task I want done tomorrow. It differs from day-to-day and I always try to make it very specific. If you want to put a timeline in that to-do list you freely can, you can create a to-do list according to your needs and timetable. It may sometimes seem like a timetable, but trust me, it will keep you on track and the need to tick off every completed task will be so strong that you’ll be instantly motivated to be productive.
TIP! I like having my to-do list on the homepage of my phone so after I’ve seen my favorite weekly quote, I go over today’s to do list.



Who doesn’t have a playlist set up with all his/her favorite songs? Everybody makes a playlist for all types of events or occasions these days, so why not make a motivational playlist?

Mine doesn’t consist of songs, though, which may be surprising to some, but I have created exactly the playlist that’s capable to get me out of bed every day. Youtube is filled with motivational speeches from various people, in or out of showbiz, entrepreneurs, inventors. Every person with an inspiring story that’s not only speaking about what he’s/she’s been through, but also pushes other people to follow their dreams. My favorite motivational videos are from Lisa Nichols – there’s something in the way that woman tells her story that’s able to push me off the bed and into the world with power and strength.

Go on, create a playlist of either your favorite motivational songs or speeches and listen to it every day while you’re getting ready. A sense of power will instantly fill you, while you listen to the words that wake up your brain and brighten your mood.



A breeze of fresh air and the bright sunlight brightening your room or house is all you need every morning. The sunlight will also give light to your soul, and instantly you will feel a little bit more ready to go out there and conquer your life. There’s nothing you can’t do on a sunny day, after all.

Never miss an opportunity to follow your dreams while the sun is shining over your head. It’s a sign that things will be okay and life can be pretty amazing.

Some pessimistic people out there will tell you (or me) that those are not exactly secrets to put an end to procrastination. I disagree, I have that right, this is my blog you know. Doing those four things, my little tricks, every day help me make a step further each day. The quote that reminds me that I have goals to work for, that song or speech that pushes me to do better and shows me that although, I may not be ‘there yet’ I am not too far and the sunlight that brightens my soul with hope for better days.

To be honest, those are all psychology tricks to brighten your mood and push your productivity forward.

Do you think it will work for you? How do you fight your procrastination?

Thanks for reading!

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