“Athleisure” Gone Wild

I run into the wild to take these pictures. Almost.

Owning a small place just outside the city has its perks. The city is great, don’t get me wrong, I love the city lights and the busy streets no matter how crazy that sounds to most. I grew up with honking cars, it’s silence that kind of freaks me out from time to time.

My father, however, loves silence and that’s mainly the reason why he chose to buy a “place” out of the city and into , what I call, the wild. It’s not really a location you would call “wild”, there are just a lot of flowers and grass and A LOT of insects.

My family decided that it would be nice if we spent our weekend there, in the “wild”, so I figured why not slightly take advantage of the opportunity and my outfit and take some pictures for the blog.
Although, I could have done better and maybe explore the location a bit more, or made my sisters instead of my mother to take the pictures, the ‘photoshoot‘ would have been a bit better. But, you know what they say: you gotta start from the bottom to get to the top. And, honestly, I believe we have to take advantage whatever resources we have to make it out there. Generally speaking.

Now, into the fashion business. What do you know about “athleisure style” ?
It’s one of the many trends we saw last season, and has managed to become what appears to be a trademark in fashion. It’s comfy and stylish, which is exactly what we all want to look like daily.

There are a million ways to turn an outfit into this trend. All you need is 80% regular chic clothing and the remaining 20% athletic. You thought it was going to be the other way around? I understand, but nope. All you need is a pair of athletic tights and a chic (maybe white) shirt with heels as matching shoes. All done! Yes, it’s that easy.

For my way of doing athleisure style, I decided to keep the black tights from the worldwide athletic company, NIKE, as the main sporty material. All I had to do to make it more stylish and not look like I am actually going to workout, is put on a loose black and white long shirt and my denim jacket.
You know, keep it casual and honor the 90s style a bit.

I could have put on heels if I wanted to. However, since the floor there is not exactly heel-friendly. That’s why I opted for a more sporty shoes, meaning my grey Tanjun Nike’s. They are super comfortable and the color is very easily matched with anything, which makes them an important piece of a girl’s closet.

Putting on my silver earrings is my way of increasing the “chic” percent of this look. I also like the way they look when I put on my denim jacket, they give off a very vintage, 90s style that I sort of feel like I can pull off.

Athleisure happens to be one of the few trends I actually like. Maybe because you don’t have to look too elegant or too laid back, you stand in the middle of fashion.
Most people say that you shouldn’t follow trends if you want to stand out, be unique or a fashion blogger.

I disagree.

Trends are specific styles that from time to time seem to really stick to people’s wardrobes – that means that people in fashion need to play catch up and give a name to those styles.

My advice? The best part is to mix and match trends with each other and see what comes up. Creativity is the best part of fashion.

Don’t you agree?

Thanks for reading!

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