The Importance Of Positive Vibes

I like having long, meaningful,random conversations with people.

Have you noticed how much a person changes, while talking about something significant, like the never-ending universe, the aspects of technology, the end of the world? Conversations that people normally do while gazing up at the stars with a drink in their hands, possibly sitting on a bench at a deserted hill. It may seem like a scene out of a movie, but I’ve done it and it is as good as the movies make it out to be.

Normally, with few of my friends and family, at random days (or nights) we start talking about life. Our lives, the past and future, things that have changed over the years and most importantly our view of the world.
Not all of us think the same way and that’s totally acceptable. Every person has its very own view of the world, that’s the great thing about diversity.

My friend Maggie and I bonded through those conversations. We’ve made a habit of talking about topics such as life, the planets, aliens, secrets. We share our opinions without ever reaching a conclusion – we don’t have to, we don’t have those conversations to solve an issue, we have them because we just want to share them with each other.

Yesterday she came by my workplace, because she missed me. I did too. We have been working all this time and we couldn’t find some free time to catch up – I hate that when it happens, but life can be pretty unpredictable.

While we were catching up and I was working at the same time – because I am a great multitasker- she was going on and on about how her life is at the moment. The long hours she works, the sacrifices she makes for her future and one more thing, how she never imagined that our lives would be this way. That caught my attention right away, I am not going to lie, because I believe that we may not live our ideal lives right at this moment and things may be a little bit far off from how we imagined them, but we will get there.

One thing you learn while growing up is that everything takes time. That’s just what we need, time.

But, she also said another thing that it, actually, made me smile this time. It was during that moment, when she started listing off all the things she needs and wants to do this year and at some point she stopped to take a deep breath. She’s nervous, is what I thought. But, before I had time to talk to her about it she smiled again and told me, “I am not going to let life bring me down, though, I am turning into an optimistic for my own good”.

I couldn’t not smile back at that and think about how right she is.

Sometimes it feels like life has it out to get you down, like it constantly makes up obsticles and excuses why you won’t make it to have the life you’ve always wanted. Some people tend to give up and go on their lives with broken dreams and a bad attitude. Maggie chose not to be that kind of person and I salute that.

Why? Hm..

There is a whole idea and an entire movement based on positive vibes and the outcome of that idea/movement. Scientists and life coaches spend their lives trying to prove that life (and the universe) can be turned upside down if we don’t back down, we don’t give in, we keep fighting and we keep smiling.

One bad thing, one backfall does not mean that all your efforts were useless. If something in your life doesn’t turn out to be the way you want it, then try again with a smile on your face and believe that this time will be different, because you want it, your deserve it and you’re going to have it. All the bad things in life will and can be pushed away if you change your attitude towards life.

Think about it. There are countless quotes about positive vibes, and how they affect life in a very positive way. I used to think all those things were just words, until I started being a bit more optimistic and seeing Maggie feeling this way gives me hope, that maybe all we need in life is to be a bit more positive than what we were yesterday.

I know it may sound like a crazy thing or irrelevant or you might think that it doesn’t apply to you. Google it. Search the entire internet space about real life stories of people whose life became so much better the minute they started having positive thoughts and projecting positive vibes to the world.

You cannot be sad and closed off and expect good things to happen to you.
You cannot be sitting inside your room all day and expect life to happen for you.
You cannot keep saying that you’re not going to make it and wait for success.

Life works the minute you start working with it, along with a positive attitude that’s, basically, the recipe for success.

You may be unable to grasp the whole concept of positive vibes, but I dare you to try it now! Push away every negative thought, replace it with happy, positive thinking, change your daily life and search for ways to give you energy throughout the day, make a list of all the things you want to achieve this year (keep it realistic) and do everything for the rest of the year with a smile on your face and good energy in your heart.
The result? You better find out for yourself.

Change your life now, insert some positive energy in your life and see magic happen. I know that’s what I’m doing and I’m already living a good life, it’s your turn now.

Thanks for reading!

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    1. AnastasiaL

      Hi Akshata! Welcome to the beautiful world of blogging! I checked out your blog, it’s great! Keep working on it, have fun, get inspired and fill your blog with that inspiration. Share every piece on social media and let others share your passion.
      That’s the best advice and suggestion I can give you!

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