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Admiring people who are courageous enough to support colourful outfits is what I do with my free time .

I like colors, don’t get me wrong, and whenever I scroll down my Instagram feed and see someone wearing a bright red clothing piece, for example, I double tap. There’s something about bold color shades that attracts the eye in general, I believe. However, I also believe that when it comes to clothes, bold colors can be a bit tricky to put together correctly.

You have to be cautious when wearing and matching them. Don’t put on an outfit that’s too bright, don’t put on something that doesn’t match, be careful how you attempt to potentially color-block. There are so many things you need to be aware of. If you think that creating an outfit is easy, well I got news for you. It’s not. For sure.

That’s why on my daily life I like playing it safe – in a way. You might think that it’s boring, but trust me, I’ve never looked ridiculous in a basic outfit ( that’s a fact).

Coco Chanel said it before me, simple is elegant, and I live by that unwritten fashion rule. I made sure that as I grow up and buy new stuff for my closet to, at least, have it ‘armed’ with the basics – before I buy something off basic . That way I can still dare to go a little bold from time to time, but when time is limited I can always have something basic and chic in my closet to put on.

A couple of weeks ago, it happened. On May 1st, my family arranged to spend the day ‘welcoming spring’ to my aunt’s house, but I was more into sleeping that getting ready. That resulted in me waking up a few minutes before it was time to go and , of course, I was going out of my mind. Finding clothes at such little time can be more than simply challenging.

I was so thankful that Fashion School told me the basics of a seasonal closet and I had a few options.

Although, I like going black and white a lot, from time to time I mix it up with a pattern, just because I don’t want to look too plain. Stripes are always in fashion, and this top from H&M with the horizontal stripes is just perfect.

Instead of wearing jeans, I matched it with a straight line pair of black, classy pants from Bershka. For shoes, I wanted to be comfortable (naturally), but my burgundy ASICS were somewhere lost in the chaos I call my closet and I just couldn’t find them. The next best thing for this outfit? My ADIDAS sneakers, of course. Yes, the ones I wear with practically everything, because they are classy, fashionable, neutral and have this comfortable foam at the bottom that makes even walking with sneakers for long hours tolerable.

I am a big fan of classic combinations, as you probably already know, and I like sharing the outfits I have on, because let’s face it, we all want a dose of inspiration for an everyday outfit. We can’t all have a stylist with numerous clothes by our side, we have to make the best of it with what we have. I’ve always believed in that and I always will.

If you want to see inspirational outfits with or without colors .
If you are the kind of girl that enjoys jeans and a t-shirt.
If you want multiple clothing combinations, but you are short on cash – then this blog, this “Looks” category is just right for you!

Thanks for reading!

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