Why your 20s are not so carefree (anymore)

We grow up with this idea in our heads that in our 20s we’ll be in this crazy, roller-coaster type of journey to find who we really are, with no other care in our lives what-so-ever.

This couldn’t be more wrong. These days, at least.

I was talking with my childhood best friend over messages in facebook about how moody the weather is these days and somehow I started uloading on her this huge emotional buden of mine. She was surprised I was feeling this way, but she handled me like only a best friend knows how.

My ’emotional burden’ had to, of course, do with work mostly. You see, I am still working over a huge project at work and that means that my working hours are a bit crazier and my free time is limited. The previous night – the night before I texted my best friend that is – I was laying on my bed after a very stressful day and I was doing my best to relax.

Deep breaths, I kept saying to myself, it’s fine. You work on small things now, so you’ll be better prepared for the greater later in life.

Normally, this little ‘mantra’ would work, but that night my mind just couldn’t find piece.

Back in the days, things were much simpler. A 20-year-old was not expected to work, go to college, help the family (most of the times financially), find him/herself through it all and dedicate him/herself more into going through the challenges that life outs in his/her way. Young adults those days used to be more carefree. Their lives were all about going through life as who they truly are, living, going on adventures and creating their very own life album to look over the years they grow up.

Today is not the case and that kind of saddens me. I am still looking at life from an optimist’s point of view, but at times we all got to face reality without daydreaming. Life is not easy, we keep a positive attitude towards it and don’t let the bad things take us down, but as this generations 20-year-old I can honestly say that we have it tough.

There are so many obligations, so many things to do, so many people to help. We are not carefree, those days are long gone, we probably were like that when we were still in High School and had not idea what being a citizen of the world meant. Every single day, most of us young adults, wake up not to go to college or go live another long adventure, but to go to work and few of us without even having a day off.

I know, it’s not so bad, but it’s still not what I was expecting to do in my 20s. I guess, I had this idea in my head of how I was going to live that particular decade, the things that I would do and most of them, naturally, were all about traveling. I dreamt of living a life like the young adults in movies do, with courageous, crazy love stories, funny people that help me in their way form my personality, and in the end I would be this wise person who’s been through a lot, but is still smiling despite it all.

Again, that was all in my head.

I was not fortunate enough to be one of my characters, the ones I like writing and reading about so much. My life is not a movie, my adventures and the people around me are not ideal, but in the end of the day, maybe everything works out in a way for us to form who we are despite the lives we are living.

We all get to build who we are in the end. But, if the way we are living our lives are in our hands, could we maybe turn our lives into a movie?

What do you think?

Thanks for reading!

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