Ten (10) Sex & The City Quotes I live by

There are certain tv shows that have made an important impact in our lives.

The characters that we related to strongly, the quotes that expressed particular moments in our lives, the scenes that play our in front of us and we picture ourselves as part of it. There is no doubt that a tv-show can make a grand change in a person’s life, and I believe one of them happens to be Sex and the City.

It became a worldwide known phenomenon. It was the friendship that bound the characters, how every situation seemed to relate to most of us, how every character seemed to remind of us a person in our lives. Every girl, basically, lived through that show and it was very common for women to seek guidance from particular episodes. Carrie Bradshaw was the New York girl with typical guy problems. Strong and at the same time sensitive, with good friends by her side she did whatever she could to live her life and find the love she felt she deserved. Samantha Jones was the strongest of them all, bold and beautiful she did not hold back, she wanted to live her life by her own rules and that inspired many of us to escape our limits. Charlotte York was the sensitive character of the next door neighbour girl who went through a lot to find true love. And finally, Miranda Hobbes, the women who was not so into intimacy and wanted to be successful and taught us that there is nothing wrong with following the road to success no matter the obstacles.

Each one of those characters spoke to us on a deeper level and the writers did an amazing job at establishing quotes that are sure to live throughout many years to come. I have gathers ten (10) of the quotes I loved more from those series, because not only I could relate to them, but they all also had a lesson within their words.

Here they are!

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What quotes stayed with you from your preferable tv-show?

Thanks for reading!

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