Cruise 2019 | Nanushka

My favourite fashion week yet must be the one presenting every Cruise collection!

There’s something about Cruise Collections that always seemed to have great appeal in me. Is it because it takes part during one of my favorite seasons ? Is it because fashion seems to be especially interesting during that season? Is it because I always find myself obsessing over a particular piece of clothing or color?

Whatever it is, Cruise is one of the best collections in every fashion house (or brand).
Loose clothes, summer vibes, carefree spirits. Fashion is at her very best during that season.

Nanushka presented its cruise collection a month ago, and it treated us to pastel colors, simple lines, classic designs with a hint of hippie vibes. Maybe it was my imagination, but it seemed to me that the entire collection had a ‘gypsy vibe‘ – it promoted, in a way, a very laid back, but classy kind of style. Effortless and wearable, like the woman/girl that is supposed to wear this collection is very cool and comfortable with her style, she doesn’t need to try too hard to be labeled as stylish.

During our vacations, most of us women don’t really feel like putting too much effort in our clothes. Mostly, because summertime is the ultimate season to honestly care about nothing. We look for loose, cute outfits that don’t require a lot of imagination to be put together, but look great nonetheless. Nanushka offers exactly that with its cruise collection.

Among the classic designs and combinations, that do not in any case downgrade the outfits, the collection has its very own chic and modern twist with the leopard pattern to be visible and used on multiple outfits, either as an accessory, or general pattern, or in shoes. It offers that wild, confident element that the woman wearing this design should possess.

I could definitely use the confidence Nanushka offers through its general vibe that is evident through every collection and is the styling point of the entire brand.

Of course, I have my very own favourite outfits, that I just cannot not show you. This time, however, I chose not to name the outfits. Instead, I am just going to showcase my favourite pieces to all of you, after this little description of what this collection looked like to me.

Do you agree with my choices?
Do you also like those outfits?
Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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