Cruise 2019 | Dior

Dior’s cruise collection reminded me more of a ‘back to the old days’ kind of collection than a seasonal one.

I was never a big fan of Maria Grazia Chiuri. I respect her as a designer and a creative soul, but I am not so sure if she is the right person to design for Dior. I guess, I am a little apprehensive, because Dior holds so much power in the fashion industry and such a long history, that every design needs to follow certain guiding lines.

However, she does have her own style and a habit to bring back old trends and patterns and attempt to give them a more modern outlook – that I respect. She does that for Dior and that’s why I feel like this Cruise Collection had something old mixed with a hint of new.

Allow me to elaborate on the matter.

In my mind, Cruise collections (also known and resort collections) are focused on vacational ready-to-wear clothings. This year’s cruise collection, however, seemed to be like the house’s designer was creating outfits for those who work and not those who are out on ‘resorts‘.

There was a dose of professionalism in her designs. A subtle seriousness, a quiet melody, nothing exciting or surprising – nothing that drew our attention. I won’t say I was bored going over the collection, but I do believe that she can do a bit better. My standards are very high when it comes to Dior’s collections. The house’s history must be preserved.

There was not a ‘cool vibe‘ inside that collection, it was all about neutral colors, very earthly, and old school patterns.

Some designs, the ones where an androgynous jacket was mixed and paired with a tutu skirt, made me feel like I was in the middle of ‘singing in the rain’ music video with a modern fashion twist to make it more ‘edgy‘ and glamorous, fit for our century.

Androgynous style officially has a new look, thanks to Maria Grazia Chiuri. I believe, that was what made me appreciate her creativity in general. It’s very interesting to see what a designer can do with a classic piece and all the ways it can alter it. For Maria Grazia Chiuri, giving a new point of view in androgynous is her way for modernizing it.

The multiple waist belts, probably, serve as a little helping hand with securing a dose of femininity in this androgynous outfit.

Despite my rather slightly negative opinion, there were a few looks that stood out in my eyes. Check them out below.

(Keep in mind that I am just stating my fashion opinion and there is nothing wrong with that – don’t be judgemental)





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