There’s a certain power that was more than simply evident in this season’s cruise collection. Louis Vuitton has proven that knows how to handle power.

I very much liked the sense of power the collection gave me. Every outfit was so well structured, so well put together, in layers and with prominent shoulders – that, I believe, this was a collection fit for power-girls.

All outfits were matched with black, leather, knee-high boots, some would consider that edgy, but I consider it powerful and confident. Let’s be honest, every woman feels confident when wearing knee-high boots, I guess it’s because it gives off a sexy vibe. Who doesn’t want to feel sexy?

White shades ruled the catwalk in Louis Vuitton Cruise collection. In every shade and every shape, white added a strong flare to every outfit. Sure, there were other colors present, like grey, orange and mauve, but it was white that stood out the most in my opinion.

Although, there were a lot of almost monochrome designs, we also saw a lot of patterns, like old school florals and re-newed patterns. We all know that patterns are a huge deal in every collection this year, every catwalk, every brand and every fashion house invests in old or new-found patterns, because plain is just not good enough anymore. I disagree. I like patterns, but I love monochrome outfits, they have a certain elegance that it’s so necessary these days.

When it comes to designs the shoulders had their preference. Prominent, powerful shoulders, the attention was all on the upper body, thus making any type of outfit rather serious. I loved it. Layers were also used quite a lot.

Now, following my favourite looks from the collection. They are so very elegant and modern.. Don’t you think?





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